October, 2012

Time to ditch the ‘c’ word?

Kirsty McNeill  |  31 October 2012

Confusing ‘working class’ with ‘trade unionist’ distracts us from the real ways we can attack class-based injustice, writes Kirsty McNeill I once had a boss who used to spend his nights in the underpasses of London helping rough sleepers. After several years doing one of the most dangerous charity jobs in Britain, he got promoted …

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Dash for growth or go for security?

David Phillips  |  31 October 2012

The Purple Papers are published at a pivotal moment for the British economy, in an unstable world where governments and monetary authorities battle desperately to steer us through the opposing forces of inflation and deflation. Steve Van Riel’s searching paper on the big growth question suggests some sobering choices for policymakers as Labour aims to …

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Fight, fight and fight again

Luke Akehurst  |  31 October 2012

One of the reasons why Labour’s recovery from its 2010 defeat looks to be on a better trajectory than the Party’s implosion after the 1979 defeat is that thus far there hasn’t been a serious move to saddle us with a unilateralist defence policy. Of course the usual suspects associated with CND always bang on …

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Labour cannot be conservative

David Miliband MP  |  31 October 2012

Our politics makes for good government By David Miliband —Ed Miliband’s successful speech to party conference has rightly put Labour supporters in good heart. No one doubts the scale of the challenge, either to oust the Tories or rebuild Britain. But there is energy and passion as we set about both tasks. The signature tune …

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Letter from … Virginia

Sarah Bickerstaffe  |  30 October 2012

Winning the ground game The Obama campaign is at once highly centralised and localised ‘Welcome to the president’s campaign!’ This was the message I woke up to on my first day with Organizing for America, the grassroots campaign to re-elect President Obama. The field organiser delivering the wake-up call told me to get ready – …

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Britain’s Ohio

Suzy Stride  |  30 October 2012

Labour must make sure its messages chime with voters like Harlow’s, argues Suzy Stride Harlow is rightly known as a traditional bellwether seat, one that Labour has to win to achieve a working majority at the next election – the Ohio of British politics. But it does not quite fit the stereotype of a middle-class …

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Heavy on ‘Labour’, light on ‘thinking’

Stephen Bush  |  30 October 2012

In the United States, an election already defined by the American right’s increasingly ludicrous attacks on the forces of reality took a turn for the worse this week, as the rightwing press and the conservative blogosphere levelled their ire against Nate Sliver, the polling expert whose great sin is to predict that Barack Obama is …

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Thatcher or Hague?

Wes Streeting MP  |  30 October 2012

Will Cameron’s ‘blue-collar modernisation’ see the success of Thatcher or the ignominy of Hague, asks Wes Streeting While David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative party conference last month should not be overstated as a dramatic lurch to the right, his ‘aspiration nation’ message reflects the ascendancy of what Anthony Painter termed ‘blue-collar populism’ in September’s …

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Fired up and ready to go?

Simon Redfern  |  30 October 2012

By a lucky quirk of fate I’ve just spent ten days on the campaign trail for President Obama in Ohio, that most tricky of swing states right up at the topmost edge of the US. I’ve been able to see a couple of campaigning legends in action:  Siobhan and Margaret McDonagh led a team of …

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A touch of class

Hopi Sen  |  29 October 2012

Britain may not have become a ‘classless society’ but most political parties have abandoned using broad social groups to develop campaign strategies, argues Hopi Sen Last week, a friend of mine got the bus to his allotment. Another friend decided to visit a museum before going to the shops for some organic vegetables. Can you …

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