November, 2012

Target practice

Kitty Ussher  |  30 November 2012

The chancellor looks set to miss his self-imposed goals By Kitty Ussher —When George Osborne delivers his autumn statement on 5 December he will have a tricky task to pull off. On the one hand, things could be a lot worse for him. Recent data shows unemployment falling and the economy slowly emerging from recession. …

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‘Super Thursday’ postscript

Luke Akehurst  |  30 November 2012

Last night we had the postscript to the ‘super Thursday’ elections, with three further parliamentary by-elections in Croydon North, Middlesbrough and Rotherham. Any or all of these could have been problematic for Labour and could not be taken for granted. Middlesbrough has a history at local authority level of electing the independent ‘Robo-Cop’ Ray Mallon …

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Beyond tribalism

Paul Blomfield MP  |  30 November 2012

We must work in a more pluralist way to make ‘One Nation’ politics a reality By Paul Blomfield ­—As Ed Miliband sets out the framework for Labour’s policies for 2015 and beyond, it is a good moment to ask how we deliver the fundamental change that the country needs. Alongside the new economic settlement that …

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The values of welfare

Frank Field MP  |  30 November 2012

1 December marks the 70th anniversary of the Beveridge report. The aim of the report was to change welfare as voters had known it. Seven decades on it hasn’t quite turned out like that. Both William Beveridge, and, more importantly, Clement Attlee, were clear that welfare should be both based on and be driven by …

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The week in parliament

Angela Eagle MP  |  30 November 2012

The flooding across England and Wales this week has caused widespread chaos and, sadly, a number of deaths. In parliament I paid tribute to the work of the emergency services and all those involved in providing assistance to those affected. I also said that the increasing frequency of serious weather affecting the UK underlines the …

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Good by-elections

Matt Forde  |  29 November 2012

Matt Forde dressed up in a chicken suit for one. A lighter look at why we should savour by-elections It’s been by-election open season of late, which means plenty of drama. If the general election is like the Premier League, then by-elections are like league cup ties. They can be scrappy affairs, there’s always the …

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Green and pleasant land?

David Talbot  |  29 November 2012

Amid the endless, breathless commentary from a visibly scared media ahead of publication of the Leveson report, one other story caught my eye as a strolled through the papers. ‘Swaths of green belt land sacrificed’ thundered the Telegraph in an article, at the first instance, that may only appeal to the paper’s self-interested, sharp-elbowed contingent …

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Anything can happen

Peter Watt  |  29 November 2012

A midterm review suggests the government is doing its best to lose the next election, but is Labour doing enough to win it? On 6 May 2010 the people of the United Kingdom went to the polls. 10.7 million people voted Conservative, 8.7 million voted Labour and 6.8 million voted Liberal Democrat. Crucially, despite their …

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The quiet rise of Michael Dugher

The Insider  |  29 November 2012

Do you know Michael Dugher? If not, you will be hearing more from him soon. Doncaster-born and a proudly working-class Nottingham Forest fan, the Barnsley East MP has now added the role of Labour’s vice-chair for communications to his shadow cabinet responsibilities. Perhaps this is a simple case of matching a good talent to an …

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Time for reform

David Talbot  |  28 November 2012

It is somewhat ironic that the coverage of the Leveson report yet further affirms why the press must be reformed. The Sunday papers were awash with a visibly scared press prejudging the outcome of the report and warning of the end of free speech as we know it. From the Sun comparing the impending reforms, …

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