2013: The year in review

Progress  |  31 December 2013

Welcome to the review of our year on ProgressOnline. It has been a busy time once more with the launch of three pamphlets, of the Campaign for a Labour Majority and of the Tackle Tax Avoidance campaign, the release of the monthly Progress magazine, and the ProgressOnline website itself updated daily with views and comment …

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A new year’s resolution for Labour

Robert Philpot  |  23 December 2013

Six months ago, Ed Miliband pledged to end the machine politics that had disfigured the selection of Labour’s candidate in Falkirk, one of the party’s safest seats. Tomorrow, with the passing of the deadline for submissions, the review which Miliband established at the time under Labour’s former general secretary, Ray Collins, draws to a close. …

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Orwell at Christmas

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP  |  21 December 2013

Seventy years ago, in December 1943, George Orwell first penned his ‘As I Please’ column for Tribune. He had been writing articles for some months, but now he had a regular slot. At that time, the magazine’s editor was Aneurin Bevan, though, busy with his parliamentary duties as member of parliament for Ebbw Vale, Jon …

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From Jessie J to Plan B

Ross MacRae  |  19 December 2013

‘It’s all about the money, money, money …’ so the great political philosopher, Jessie J, tells us – and in the debate over Scottish independence she couldn’t be more right. Three weeks ago the Nationalist government launched its much-vaunted white paper on independence, 18 months after Alex Salmond had launched his campaign for separation. Throughout …

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Committing to real reform in Europe

Alan Donnelly  |  19 December 2013

This year has been another with the European Union often in the news – unfortunately, dominated by negativity and Tory splits. Last month the House of Commons finally passed a bill to legislate for a referendum by 2017 if Cameron wins a majority in 2015. Other EU members have always looked at our intermittent debates …

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No complacency on equal pay

Rachael Saunders  |  19 December 2013

Fair pay is a sign of a healthy economy, so the widening of the gender pay gap reported by the Office for National Statistics last week is a sign that something is going wrong. The ONS annual survey of hours and earnings revealed that in 2013 the gender pay gap increased to 10 per cent …

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Avoiding a winners-take-all union

Richard Angell  |  19 December 2013

This week we have seen the perfect storm for Tory backbenchers, aided and abetted by the rightwing press, as immigration and Europe have dominated the news, prompting more knee-jerk rhetoric from David Cameron. The prime minister and home secretary Theresa May have both flirted with caps that are no doubt illegal or other restrictions on the freedom …

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‘Out of date visual identity’

Angela Eagle MP  |  19 December 2013

The lobbying bill was back in the Lords this week after a six-week panic pause. Despite an on-the-record promise that the government would use the pause to complete ‘wide consultation’ and to ‘try to address the concerns’ of charities and campaigners, the bill remains unamended and there is little evidence that the government has listened …

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Christmas cards, turkeys and a tale of two countries

Sally Gimson  |  18 December 2013

It was a somewhat lacklustre PMQs before the Christmas holidays. There were bad jokes about turkeys and Cameron’s Christmas card list came in for some scrutiny, but there was not much cheer. It was a tale of two countries, one in which David Cameron and his MPs live where unemployment is going down and growth …

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Gun control and the sinking Democrats

Inside Washington  |  18 December 2013

Gun control It is just over a year since the 14 December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 children and six teachers were gunned down in cold blood. It would be easy to look at the US and say that nothing of substance has changed in terms of gun …

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