January, 2013

Building One Nation economics – III

Stephen Beer  |  31 January 2013

The scale of the economic problems facing us is enormous and we have a government with a failed economic policy and hoping for the best. Labour needs to build more credibility on spending to make progress with the electorate. Meanwhile, the One Nation theme can be developed to provide an important counter to the coalition’s …

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Cutting the cost of housing

Gareth Thomas MP  |  30 January 2013

Over the last two years house prices in London have continued to rise, increasing the difficulty families face in getting onto the property ladder. With rents rising fast and incomes being squeezed there has, not surprisingly, been growing pressure for the government to tackle the crisis in London’s housing market. Indeed, many business leaders are …

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Slashing rights at work

Catherine Atkinson  |  30 January 2013

Last year the government slipped in an amendment on the third reading of the enterprise and regulatory reform bill removing civil liability for breaches of all health and safety legislation. Labour peer Muriel Turner of Camden, supported by colleagues on her side of the house, has tabled an amendment to remove it. The government’s proposals, …

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A good day out

Ben Cooper  |  30 January 2013

After an awkward two-week holiday in Europe, Ed returned to the issue that will undoubtedly matter  most to the electorate at the next election – the  economy. Following what was a poor performance last week, Ed had a stronger PMQs thanks to  having a lot more to throw at the prime minister –  continuing poor …

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A blueprint for the future

Greg Falconer  |  30 January 2013

In the desert of the Sahel, European foreign policy has finally come of age. The French intervention, supported by the EU and US and backed by regional allies and international institutions has (at least until now) been a resounding success. Not only that, but this model of intervention – militarily and diplomatically– might constitute a …

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Building One Nation economics – II

Stephen Beer  |  30 January 2013

Stephen Beer writes the second of a three-part series for Progress this week on building One Nation economics. Where is the coalition going wrong and how can Labour rebuild its credibility on the issue? ——— Labour has an opportunity to build upon One Nation themes to build a convincing economic message. However, we must also …

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Building One Nation economics – I

Stephen Beer  |  29 January 2013

Stephen Beer writes the first of a three-part series for Progress this week on building One Nation economics. Where is the coalition going wrong and how can Labour rebuild its credibility on the issue? ——— The UK economy is in a poor state. Growth remains limited or non-existent and living standards have yet to show …

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Getting men into the primary classroom

Ralph Berry  |  29 January 2013

Recent reports have reminded us that around one in four primary schools currently have no male teacher. It’s not a new problem but, until recently, the efforts to improve the entry of men into the profession were struggling, and a sense of fatalism seemed to have taken hold. Where children are affected by separation of …

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The new Wilson?

Stephen Bush  |  29 January 2013

The really, really important thing to remember about the European Union is that it does not matter. Europe moves no votes and it inspires no marches: like the canonicity of the Star Wars prequels, it invites strong opinions from the already-convinced, and bores everyone else. Even people who vote for UKIP don’t really care about …

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More Jessica Ennis, less Paris Hilton

Diane Abbott MP  |  28 January 2013

The pressure on children to grow up often takes two different but related forms: the pressure to take part in a pornified culture at a very early age; and the commercial pressure to consume the vast range of goods and services that are available to children and young people of all ages. When it comes …

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