February, 2013

Mary, Mary?

The Insider  |  28 February 2013

A scandal can break a politician’s reputation. But in opposition a good scandal can be the making of them. So it has proved for shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh, whose performance on the ‘horsemeat’ scandal has strengthened her reputation as a reliable, effective, competent shadow minister, one of the emerging talents on the Labour frontbench …

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Banking on Britain

Adam Tyndall  |  28 February 2013

The Labour party is currently conducting a policy review. There are 10 priority topics including A British Investment Bank: Making it a reality. The consultation closes on February 28 and more information can be found here. The Green Investment Bank is well on the way to becoming a reality. It is entering the final stages …

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No time for horsing around

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  28 February 2013

Revelations in the last few weeks of horsemeat in ready meals, burgers and school dinners has led many to ask: where does our food come from? It’s a pretty straightforward question, but not one that has often been asked or one that is always easy to answer. Recent retail figures suggest that there has been …

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Mend it, don’t end it

Editorial  |  27 February 2013

Labour’s link with the trade unions is important. That is why it must be made to work Labour’s relationship with the trade unions in Britain is unique. No other centre-left party in the world has unions formally affiliated to it, with the rights, power and responsibilities this entails. This link has been a source of …

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Triple AAA jousting

Phil Jones  |  27 February 2013

On paper this had all the makings of a triple AAA nightmare for David Cameron. He arrived at PMQs as the downgraded leader of a downgraded country on the eve of a by-election defeat that will suggest he is on course to be a one-term prime minister.  As for the Lib Dems, reeling from the …

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Waiting for the childcare revolution

Meg Hillier MP  |  27 February 2013

The muddle and chaos on childcare policy just get worse. On Monday the children and families bill had its second reading. Like the curate’s egg, the bill is good in parts, with noble aims on parental contact, adoption and warm words on special educational needs. But on childcare it does too little, and that little …

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Moment of madness

The Progressive  |  27 February 2013

David Cameron’s modernisation of the Tory party has failed. Just look at the debate on same-sex marriage You can tell a great deal about a political party by the candidates it selects for a by-election. In 1987, for example, the Labour party proved its ‘red rose’ makeover was merely cosmetic by selecting Deirdre Wood for …

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Agreeing an active industrial policy

Michael Leahy  |  27 February 2013

This week George Osborne has failed two important tests: the first being his own benchmark for economic stability, Britain’s credit rating; the second, my preferred benchmark for economic success, Britain’s industrial strength. Because not only has the UK lost its AAA credit status but we have also seen the historic carpet manufacturer, Axminster Carpets, call …

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Beyond the Bloomberg speech

Stephen Bush  |  26 February 2013

Growth is like sex: everyone is in favour of it, but no one is entirely sure how you go about getting any. And while George Osborne might be like someone who buys a copy of Neil Strauss’ misogynistic self-help book The Game – he doesn’t have a plan, and he’s a bit of a jerk …

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The digital goose that lays the golden egg

Neil Moss  |  26 February 2013

Last year, the UK watched its final analogue TV broadcast with remarkable little fanfare or publicity. Who even noticed when, last October, Digital Switchover was completed successfully? The largest engineering project in UK broadcasting history – seven years of careful planning since Tessa Jowell first announced the government’s decision to switch – was pretty seamless. …

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