March, 2013

Sweden was remade through reform

Jonathan Todd  |  28 March 2013

There are important lessons to take from Sweden. Ed Miliband must take the right ones, says Jonathan Todd Just as David Cameron jetted off to India during last month’s parliamentary recess, Ed Miliband was making his way to Sweden. The destinations were deliberately chosen: for each leader, each country represents something about where he sees …

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A modernising Moderate

Michael McTernan  |  28 March 2013

Why Sweden’s centre-right prime minister is proving hard to beat Fredrik Reinfeldt is one of Europe’s most successful politicians. Alongside Angela Merkel in Germany, he is among a very small band of incumbents who have been re-elected since the economic crisis began, beating the social democrats in 2006 and 2010 with a modern conservative appeal …

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Left out in the cold

Michael McTernan  |  28 March 2013

Scandinavian social democrats have not been immune to the woes of the European centre-left, reports Michael McTernan IT may come as a surprise to some that Scandinavia has not been a haven for social democracy at a time when Europe’s political map has been littered with centre-left casualties. Much like other parties on the European …

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Cold as ice

The Progressive  |  28 March 2013

Like the Danes, Brits like their political drama dark and brooding A generation of political geeks are in thrall to Borgen. When Sidse Babett Knudsen, the actor who plays Moderate party prime minister Birgitte Nyborg, came to London, she was feted like a Hollywood A-lister. Alastair Campbell interviewed her for the cover of the Sunday …

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A plea for sustainable capitalism

Tom Levitt  |  28 March 2013

When Al Gore spoke at London’s Guildhall recently it was not to focus thoughts on climate change – though it was never far from the surface – but to ask how our whole economy can become more sustainable in every sense of the word. The bottom line was that we’re stuck with capitalism. There isn’t …

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Next top model

Katrine Marçal  |  27 March 2013

Ed Miliband’s ‘Borgen tour’ highlighted Labour’s interest in Scandinavia. But what does the famed ‘Nordic model’ actually mean? Katrine Kielos explains THE ‘Nordic model’ is a popular concept but also a disputed one. Is the success of the Nordic economies due to high taxes and universal benefits? Or is it due to school vouchers and …

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Northern lights

Ed Miliband MP  |  27 March 2013

It is the thriving private sector which should inspire us about Scandinavia, argues Ed Miliband LIKE many, I admire the achievements of social democracy in Scandinavia. For decades, the combination of strong social security programmes, a narrower gap between the very rich and the very poor, and a consistent commitment to women’s rights at work, …

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The revolution will not be tweeted

Jordan Newell  |  27 March 2013

Last week, Colchester Borough Council voted through a motion that could see local councillors banned from using Twitter during council meetings. After a debate lasting more than two hours, a motion on the use of Twitter in the chamber – that was later voided by legal experts – was lost by 22 votes to 29. …

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Let’s talk

Matthew Doyle  |  27 March 2013

Visitors to the West Wing are greeted by a series of ‘jumbos’ – giant photos of Barack Obama’s latest events and visits, carefully selected to show the power and personality of the US president. There’s no doubting that his first trip to the Middle East in office – which concluded in the stunning surroundings of …

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Crowd on the Underground

Migration watch

Editorial  |  26 March 2013

Labour is right to talk about immigration but must avoid charges of cynicism and opportunism The politics of immigration form rather neat bookends around Gordon Brown’s premiership. In the speech to Labour party conference in September 2007 in which he was widely expected to call a snap general election, the new prime minister promised ‘British …

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