May, 2013

Different and better

Nick Pearce and Graeme Cooke  |  31 May 2013

Labour should get in its counter-argument to the spending review first Rarely has something sounding so technical been so political. When the chancellor said he planned to ‘introduce a new limit on a significant proportion of annually managed expenditure’ in his budget speech most eyes will have glazed over. For non-Treasury wonks, ‘AME’ is the …

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UKIP if you want to

Editorial  |  31 May 2013

There now appear to be three parties in Britain’s coalition government. So, to paraphrase the late Princess of Wales, it is starting to look a bit crowded. Alongside the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, a sizeable number of Tory backbenchers seem to be marching to the tune of the United Kingdom Independence party. Having thought that …

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A long three years until election day

Catherine Vallis  |  31 May 2013

The swagger and bluster of Scottish politics can sometimes make British politics look like a Jane Austen novel. It was therefore nice to see a sensitive and thoughtful debate break out at recent first minister’s questions when Johann Lamont brought up the case of a Scottish cancer patient who, faced with paying £3,000 a month …

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Tackling tax avoidance

Margaret Hodge MP  |  30 May 2013

Progress’ Tackle Tax Avoidance charter is an important step —Well done Progress for launching an anti-tax avoidance campaign. This is a hugely important issue for Labour and resonates strongly with the public. In short, it matters and is a vote-winner. It matters to Labour because we too will have to tackle the deficit in government, …

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Calling time on tax havens

Melanie Ward  |  30 May 2013

Margaret Hodge deserves real recognition for the way that she has led the political charge on tax dodging.  Her forensic questioning of Starbucks, Google and Amazon executives has left many of us agog as the companies make a whole range of outlandish claims about why their tax affairs are so. Public anger is at boiling …

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After Woolwich

Jacqui Smith  |  29 May 2013

Our power to tackle terrorism must continue to evolve I was on the telephone to a senior official at the Home Office as the news emerged of the Woolwich attack. ‘I expect you can remember days like this’, the official said to me. I can. When an incident is serious enough to be reported straight …

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Fighting inequality locally

Sarah Hayward  |  29 May 2013

In Labour-run Camden we know there is an alternative to the devastating cuts inflicted on public sector budgets and the seeping evil of welfare benefit changes. We know that local authorities are powerfully placed to broker agreements that result in homes and jobs. Our Equality Taskforce report, independently chaired and with expert members, has looked …

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The British Dream

Diane Abbott MP  |  29 May 2013

The title of David Goodhart’s new book gives the game away. Here, immigrants are not people; immigration is a thing. Goodhart takes care to defend a multicultural society, yet his narrative is often a painful wail of anxiety at the presence of ‘the other’ in the ‘green and pleasant’ land. Danny Boyle’s totemic Olympics opening …

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Uncomfortable conversations

Stephen Bush  |  28 May 2013

There’s a column I want to write, and it goes like this: Beneath all the froth about motivations, beneath the wild statements about heresy and depravity and rampant immigration, the English Defence League and the jihadists aren’t so very different: they are overwhelmingly socially and sexually frustrated men who, having made a mess of their …

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A History of the Liberal Party since 1900

Atul Hatwal  |  28 May 2013

Adjectives such as ‘comprehensive’, ‘rigorous’ and ‘learned’ are sure to litter reviews of David Dutton’s new history of the Liberal party. It does indeed possess each of these attributes, and more. The book gives a full account of each of the major turning points for the Liberals since 1900. There is a lucid answer to …

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