June, 2013

Out of friends in the north

Lewis Baston  |  28 June 2013

The tide of history is against Tories hoping to rebuild in the north, says Lewis Baston Labour has been agonising over its ‘southern discomfort’ for over 20 years. Some Conservatives, such as David Skelton, have only just started to think seriously about their northern wastelands, although the problem is every bit as serious for their …

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We should know what we’re charged with

Jennie Formby  |  28 June 2013

Peter Mandelson writes as if he has had sight of the report of the so-called ‘investigation’ into the Falkirk constituency Labour party.  If so, he has the advantage over Unite. To date, Labour has repeatedly refused to provide us with a copy of a report which it is now using, via the usual methods, to …

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Police and crime commissioners: A Labour view

Roy Bailey  |  28 June 2013

In an earlier article for Progress, I suggested that in order to restore public confidence in the democratic governance of the police, the Labour party needed to develop its own policy on police and crime commissioners in good time for the 201 per cent general election. Seven months into the new arrangements and following yet …

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No more Falkirks

Peter Mandelson  |  27 June 2013

Labour’s National Executive Committee decision to move to restore confidence in the integrity of the selection of the party’s parliamentary candidate in Falkirk is welcome. What had been going on in the seat prior to Ed Miliband stepping in and halting the process was a throwback to the kind of politics many of us had …

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Thursday, Friday, Thatcherday?

Angela Eagle MP  |  27 June 2013

I began business of the House questions this week by reminding the chamber that we are approaching the 65th Birthday of the NHS. I asked Andrew Lansley, the former health secretary, to admit the truth that in a reversal of their infamous airbrushed election poster – it is clear that this government has cut the …

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Ready to reform

Sonia Sodha  |  27 June 2013

Labour must rediscover a zeal for public service reform, argues Sonia Sodha The June spending round set out the extra cuts each government department will need to find in 2015 to meet George Osborne’s trajectory for public spending. It is a grim settlement for public services. But there will be even tougher news to come, …

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Getting to a fully fledged One Nation economic policy

Stephen Beer  |  27 June 2013

The long-awaited spending review was a depressing day for our public services. The announcement put the detail to the cuts to 2015-16 spending that were promised in the budget in March. For Labour, there were no real surprises and we had finally invested some time and thinking beforehand into building our economic credibility. The challenge …

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Improving our tattered reputation on fighting fraud

Roger Sahota  |  27 June 2013

With the coalition facing growing criticism for its failure to get to grips with city crime, Labour’s policy review on tackling serious fraud and white collar crime, announced last week, makes welcome reading. In the past few years the United Kingdom has unfortunately cemented an international reputation as the weakest link in the global fight …

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The day that was not meant to happen

Jonathan Todd  |  26 June 2013

This day was not meant to happen. The 2010 spending review was supposed to take us through this parliament and to the end of austerity. That terminus is as far away now as it was then. The deficit has not closed for want of cuts but of growth. Precisely as Ed Balls warned, the cuts …

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More promises, no delivery says Miliband

Gurjinder Dhaliwal  |  26 June 2013

A particularly lively and noisy prime minister’s questions in the run-up to the spending review today. Ed Miliband delivered a strong performance shifting the focus of discussion to the government’s vast under-delivery on its plentiful promises. As ever, David Cameron responded to almost all critiques blaming the previous Labour administration on all of his problems …

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