November, 2013

Cameron’s ‘green crap’ U-turn

Andrew Pakes  |  29 November 2013

Each day appears to bring a government U-turn at the moment, but none appears greater than the confusion surrounding David Cameron’s approach to energy policy. Rising energy prices have dominated the political agenda this autumn with the government forced onto the defensive as it struggles to understand how to respond to public concerns about the …

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Round and round in circles

Angela Eagle MP  |  29 November 2013

Yesterday the government proposed some very sensible measures to toughen rules for EU migrants, including banning out of work benefits and quadrupling fines for bosses not paying the minimum wage. Labour suggested a lot of these proposals eight months ago, so I asked Andrew Lansley why they hadn’t acted sooner. I also asked him if …

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We need to talk about China

Kirsty McNeill and Andrew Small  |  28 November 2013

A Chinese government that is more self-confident externally, more insecure internally, and in a more powerful geopolitical position than at any time since the 19th century poses perhaps the single greatest challenge to Britain’s ability to be a progressive force in the world. Yet China’s transition from object of western power to rival to it …

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Why the silence on universities kowtowing to bigotry?

James Bloodworth  |  27 November 2013

University is the last place you would expect to encounter officially sanctioned bigotry. Indeed, for many young people the chance to go to uni is an opportunity to get away from the stultifying prejudice that characterises many of the small towns students leave behind. We live in strange times, however, and things which at one …

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‘The 35 per cent strategy is a myth’

Richard Angell and Robert Philpot  |  27 November 2013

Labour is targeting Tory voters and should not be thinking about a coalition after 2015, Michael Dugher tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell A leading member of Ed Miliband’s general election team has ridiculed suggestions that Labour is pursuing a ‘35 per cent strategy’ aimed solely at attracting the support of disenchanted Liberal Democrats, and …

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How does Labour win in London in 2015?

Tessa Jowell  |  27 November 2013

First we must understand the characteristics of voters in our 12 marginal seats. They are made up of a high proportion of liberal opinion voters – well educated, tolerant, and politically opinionated – who deserted Labour mostly to the Liberal Democrats in the aftermath of Iraq. The other significant group are young professionals. What these …

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PMQs fever

Sally Gimson  |  27 November 2013

Death stalked prime minister’s questions today with serious illness and cancers the rather gloomy themes. Not that Ed Miliband asked about medical conditions once, though the entire Labour shadow frontbench was conspicuously wearing ribbons for World Aids Day this Sunday. But there was a real epidemic sweeping the Conservative benches. Tory MP after Tory MP …

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Reform in a time of crisis

Alan Donnelly  |  27 November 2013

Beyond the issue of membership itself, Brits with an interest in Europe should turn our attention to meaningful reform of an embattled European Union. Others are doing so: this month’s Occasional Paper in the Social Europe Journal, ‘We need a Europe that is truly social and democratic’, is idealistic, radical, and far-reaching and penned by …

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What future for Europe?

Roger Liddle  |  26 November 2013

Tony Giddens has written a great book, his best since The Third Way in my view, though the Politics of Climate Change was also very good. He takes as his theme the ‘future of Europe’, but this is no nerd-like, institutionally obsessed text. It is essentially a book about the possibilities for European social democracy …

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Winning a mandate for London

Stephen Bush  |  26 November 2013

When is a hustings not a hustings? Well, when the only declared candidate for the office in question – the Labour nomination for mayor of London – hasn’t been invited, and the matter at hand is an entirely different election. That said, while Progress’ latest event in the Campaign for a Labour Majority series wasn’t …

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