February, 2014

Lib-Lab coalition: beware attacks from the left

Robert Philpot  |  28 February 2014

I agree with Len. Those are not words that often cross my lips but the general secretary of Unite is right: the thought of a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition is not one to ‘set the pulse racing’. I suspect, however, that McCluskey and I may have different fears about the dynamics of such a government. However …

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Education, education, education – the local way

Amanda Chadderton  |  28 February 2014

In 1994 Tony Blair made a personal commitment on becoming leader of the Labour party to transform education in Britain. At least, that is what people tell me – I was eight at the time. As someone who has been through the educational system and is now England’s youngest cabinet member for education, employment and …

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Coalition with the Lib Dems? Let members decide

Kevin Peel  |  28 February 2014

I have been watching with some amusement and not a small level of annoyance various members of parliament and party grandees playing out a back-and-forth in the blogosphere over whether a future Labour administration should govern with the Liberal Democrats. Personally I am focused on winning a Labour majority and I would prefer to see …

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In defence of Labour councils

Paul Wheeler  |  28 February 2014

Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s it was quite clear the role of Labour councils. They built houses for you, educated your children and quite often gave you a job. Herbert Morrison, leader of the London county council, often spoke about ‘building the Labour vote’ and he meant it quite literally. With the benefit …

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Turning Trafford red

Tom Ross  |  28 February 2014

Labour is on the front foot in Trafford as we head into the final weeks before polling day. We’ve been out every week on the doorstep, having conversations with people across the borough. The more conversations we’ve had, the more it has become clear that people are increasingly disillusioned with David Cameron’s flagship borough in …

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Now, win the peace?

The Insider  |  28 February 2014

When Ray Collins agreed to lead the party reform process, he was, your insider is reliably told, the third person to be offered the job. The first two grandees declined, hinting that their skills were inadequate to the challenge of peacefully changing Labour’s structures. Quietly, they were avoiding a job that looked like it could …

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The most personal election ever

Bex Bailey  |  28 February 2014

Michael Dugher has called it the most personal election ever. Douglas Alexander and Spencer Livermore emphasised the importance of achieving personal conversations with the electorate in a recent National Executive Committee meeting. And we have an increasing number of channels through which to engage with people. With a hostile media and plenty of apathy to …

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In with the Bullingdon Bolsheviks

Angela Eagle MP  |  28 February 2014

I began Business of the House Questions this week by raising the dramatic events in Ukraine that continue to unfold. As a new cabinet is installed in Kiev ahead of May’s presidential elections there are worrying reports of Russian troop movements on the border amid ongoing signs of volatility. I asked Andrew Lansley to give …

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Keep the conversation going

Bob Glaberson  |  28 February 2014

Negotiations to create a permanent agreement on Iran’s nuclear program began on 18 February between Iran and the UN security council nations, the United States, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany (the 5+1). The 5+1 will have a number of tough nuts to crack. These include the existence of an underground enrichment facility at Fordo …

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The workers’ party? More salt please

Hopi Sen  |  27 February 2014

I have been away from Britain this week. I returned to read that the Tories were branding themselves as the workers’ party, complete with speeches from working-class hero Sir John Major and that pound shop Tony Blair lookalike, Grant Shapps. My first reaction was to be sad I missed the hilarity and annoyance at the …

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