May, 2014

Closing the divide on the centre-left

Maria Eagle MP  |  31 May 2014

We can close the divide on the centre-left. To do so means putting together a sustainable coalition of voters and dealing with three challenges. What is our offer in the wake of the global financial crisis and the austerity it has brought? How do we address the alienation of disaffected groups like white working-class people …

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Long-termism in public finances

Chris Leslie MP  |  30 May 2014

It now looks as though David Cameron’s promise to balance the books by next year will be at least £75bn wide of the mark. So it has become clear to me and my shadow cabinet colleagues that the settlements we will need to make following the general election will be the toughest faced by an …

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After the deluge

Lewis Baston  |  30 May 2014

Ukip’s victories in last month’s elections have changed the political landscape, writes Lewis Baston The local and European elections were shocking and in many ways demoralising for Labour supporters. They were not a clear victory like the 2012 local elections were, and Labour’s vote slumped alarmingly in many areas that have been strongholds of the …

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Here we go again

Gary Kent  |  30 May 2014

Here we go again. John Chilcot’s official Iraq inquiry, which was established in 2009 and has yet to report, has already lasted longer than the first world war and slightly less long so far than the second world war, and continues to generate more heat than light. The latest kerfuffle is a stand-off over many …

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Reining in future promises

John McTernan  |  30 May 2014

What is the right response to last week’s elections? Much has been written about the meaning and the implications of the locals and the Euro elections. Quietly, but in a very assured manner, the Labour frontbench are making their strategic response. It is to continue to address the problems that matter to the public with …

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What do we know about immigration?

Christian Dustmann and Ian Preston  |  30 May 2014

In the current heightened political climate, consideration of the factors which determine immigration policy should be based on the best available evidence. We at the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration have composed a briefing, intended to promote discussion that is informed and not alarmist, low key and not polemical. In that note we …

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Loyalty first

John Woodcock MP  |  30 May 2014

Time to face some election year realities —What a privilege it is to be elected as Progress’ new chair. This is an exciting time to take over from the brilliant Andrew Adonis, and I have been particularly delighted by the way the tests we have faced over the last couple of years have brought out …

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Hard truths

Editorial  |  30 May 2014

Last month’s local and European elections bore all the hallmarks of a dress rehearsal for next year’s general election. So what do they tell us about how ready Labour is for opening night in May 2015? In a number of places with key marginal seats – Cambridge, Stevenage, Crawley, and Hastings – Labour made strong …

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Why the zero-based spending review is so important

Stephen Beer  |  30 May 2014

The recent election results have led to a debate about how Labour can reconnect with parts of its core vote that United Kingdom Independence party is targeting. Some blue Labour insights have been revisited as we seek to show we are on the side of people who genuinely feel powerless in the face of change. …

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Time to face facts

Philip Collins  |  29 May 2014

Labour should beware the fate of François Hollande, says Philip Collins. Read also Owen Jones’ response to How does Labour win a mandate for change, the theme of this Saturday’s Progress annual conference Back in 1959, in the days when Labour never looked like winning again, Mark Abrams and Richard Rose published a book called …

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