July, 2014

A new political settlement for the creative age

Theo Blackwell  |  31 July 2014

The massive advances in technology commonly referred to as the digital revolution have already had a profound impact on communication, distribution and exchange. They promise far more in coming years not least in the sphere of politics, which has been relatively slow to react to this change. As those at @LabourDigital have argued, the digital …

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The battle for economic credibility

Stephen Beer  |  31 July 2014

The United Kingdom economic recovery is underway. The first official estimate for the second quarter of this year shows gross domestic product rising by 0.8 per cent. That means that the economy is now larger than just before the financial crisis. Growth is occurring across the economy, not only in the predominant services sector but …

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Reclaiming the language of aspiration

Jamie Audsley and Jim O'Connell and Joel Mullan  |  30 July 2014

Tristram Hunt has to tell us a new story on education reform There is no space for hubris in the coalition’s rhetoric on the education system. Just as the coalition have attacked Labour for economic irresponsibility (despite having backed Labour spending plans for the majority of the last three parliaments), so too have they made …

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Aids: Don’t Die of Prejudice

Purna Sen  |  30 July 2014

Medical advances, access to retrovirals included, mean that death is no longer imminent to anyone diagnosed with HIV/Aids, yet 36 million people have died of Aids, with as many as 1.6 million people dying every year. Sub-Saharan Africa, India and China have the highest concentration of infections, with heterosexual sex providing the main channel of infection. …

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Priced out of seeking justice

Hannah Reed  |  30 July 2014

Being abused, harassed or discriminated against is one of the worst things you can experience at work. Suffering this kind of treatment can be emotionally scarring and can wreck people’s careers. Wronged staff are able to seek justice against bad bosses through the tribunal system. But thanks to new fees of up to £1,200 introduced …

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Full steam ahead for co-operative values

Karin Christiansen  |  29 July 2014

Last December, in the middle of a bout of extreme weather that ironically saw the suspension of all rail services in Scotland, a dedicated group of Co-operative party members and transport experts met in a room in the Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh for the launch of ‘ScotRail – a people’s railway for Scotland’. The pamphlet …

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No Place to Hide

Maurice Peston  |  29 July 2014

I can fulfil the first task of a reviewer very easily, namely that Glenn Greenwald has written a compellingly readable book, better than most thrillers, and I strongly recommend it. He tells nearly the whole story, but cannot complete the job because the end has not yet been reached. I cannot meet a second task …

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‘Business buy-in’ provides opportunities for our young people

Sarah Hayward  |  29 July 2014

Youth unemployment remains too high. This Tory-led government have done little to prevent a lost generation. Labour in Camden refuses to give up on our young people, despite losing 50 per cent of our council budget. That is why we are doing all we can – making every pound count – to equip young people …

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Only Labour is standing up for women

Jane Edbrooke  |  28 July 2014

I strongly welcome Yvette Cooper’s speech on domestic violence today. I am proud to represent a party that is prepared to give this issue the attention it deserves and requires. This government is clearly not doing enough to tackle this growing problem. Figures obtained by Labour show that reports of domestic violence in England and …

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Carnage in Qatar

John Monks  |  28 July 2014

Huge numbers of migrant labourers from a wide range of Asian countries are working under extreme conditions in Qatar on building facilities for the 2022 World Cup. So far, the result is less football fields, more killing fields. The Qatari government has acknowledged that in 2012 and 2013, 964 workers from Nepal, India and Bangladesh …

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