August, 2014

Carswell. Clacton. Cameron. Car-crash.

John McTernan  |  29 August 2014

Time for one of my periodic pieces on reasons to be cheerful: 1. Alan Milburn. Julia Gillard used to joke with me that we were the two remaining Milburnites left in the world. It wasn’t entirely accurate, but perhaps at the time we were the only two ‘out’ Milburnites. There were and there are others, …

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Labour cannot rest on its laurels

Nan Sloane  |  29 August 2014

This week, the Counting Women In coalition published Sex & Power 2014: Who runs Britain? To hardly anyone’s surprise, it found that the answer is ‘men’. On the same day, the social mobility report said that those men lacked diversity, and that more needs to be done to improve access to power across the board. …

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A defining cause for Labour

Wes Streeting MP  |  29 August 2014

Britain’s elite is formed on the playing fields of independent schools and finished in the dreaming spires of Oxford and Cambridge: a statement of the blinding obvious and the subject of the latest report from Alan Milburn’s Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission. The authors need not have bothered framing the title of the report …

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Changing local government in the wake of Rotherham

Paul Wheeler  |  29 August 2014

Let’s be clear: Rotherham may be the worst case of child abuse in council care but if we do not change the way we conduct local government and politics it won’t be the last. First, let’s admit that our current method of scrutinising public services locally, and especially those services delivered by a range of …

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One Nation Labour can deliver the Britain we deserve

Thom Brooks  |  29 August 2014

One Nation Labour is about building a more equal and fair Britain where all share in prosperity. This powerful vision rejects the ‘divide and rule’ politics that define the Tory party. The Tories have a habit of rewarding favoured special interests above the public interest. One Nation Labour aims to correct this imbalance so that …

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Far from silly

Hopi Sen  |  28 August 2014

This August has been the serious season. Ukraine, Israel-Gaza, Isis, Syria have all reminded us of the perils of an unstable world, while domestic extremism and child abuse have forced us to think about what sort of society we are. These issues have darkened the summer, and as these are subjects that don’t respect party …

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Ignoring cries for help is victim-blaming of another kind

Rachel Hodson  |  28 August 2014

I encountered a media scrum outside Rotherham’s council offices this week, following Alexis Jay’s damning report into the exploitation and abuse of 1,400 children in the borough. And I listened to the assembled journalists speculate about which heads would roll, and what the full extent of this horrendous episode would be. Calls for the resignation …

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Carswell that ends well?

Jordan Newell  |  28 August 2014

The news of Douglas Carswell’s defection to the United Kingdom Independence party today comes as little surprise to those of us who have been within his sphere of politics for the past few years. But more than just defecting, Carswell has resigned and caused a by-election. This election is a great opportunity for Labour to …

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Our human rights are under threat

Andrew Noakes  |  27 August 2014

Today the Labour Campaign for Human Rights has launched the Our Human Rights campaign, showing who will lose out if the Tories follow through on their threats to repeal the Human Rights Act and take us out of the European Convention on Human Rights. It shows how human rights make a real difference in the …

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A little more conversation, a little less shouting please

Kirsty O'Brien  |  26 August 2014

There is a saying in Glasgow that is pretty useful for ensuring someone worth listening to can be heard. A cry of ‘one singer, one song’ will come up from a crowd, mainly when people start singing along with a solo, but also when someone is talking and a clamour of voices threatens to drown …

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