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And it’s goodbye from me

Final thoughts from our departing director

After many years at the helm, this is my last edition as editor of this magazine, and director of Progress. It has been a great privilege to have had this opportunity and to have had it for so long. I believe it is one of the best jobs in centre-left politics, and it is now time for someone else to have a go at doing it.

The last four years have not always been an easy time to be a Progress member, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have continued to stick by us. Collectively, we have frequently been accused of being too obsessed by winning elections. That is a charge I know many of you will be all too happy to plead guilty to. Like you, we at Progress have never seen anything virtuous in placing ideological purity over the pursuit of power. At the same time, we have also always believed that the best policy normally makes the best politics. That is why, in our events and through this magazine and our website, we always try to combine the two.

I have been very lucky to have had the support and encouragement of four excellent chairs during my time as director: David Lammy, Stephen Twigg, Andrew Adonis, and John Woodcock, as well as a great team of vice-chairs. I would also like to thank all those who stood for, and served on, our strategy board.

None of what Progress does would be possible without our small but very dedicated staff. Their professionalism and hard work means that many people assume they are much larger in number than six people. That they do a brilliant job is, in my view, self-evident; that they also do it with humour and, even through some pretty tough times, such good grace has made working with them a huge pleasure.


Robert Philpot is director of Progress

Progressive centre-ground Labour politics does not come for free.

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Robert Philpot

is a contributing editor to Progress magazine and former director of Progress

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