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This week Ed Miliband announced that between now and May the Labour party would speak to four million voters. Having those four million conversations means one thing, hours on the door in key seats across the United Kingdom.

Campaigning is something that Labour Students and Progress know all about, through work like Labour Students’ #TeamFightback and Progress’ Operation Flight. We are determined to use our time doing what matters most – having conversations with voters.

Here at Labour Students we pride ourselves on being what Harriet Harman called ‘campaign steroids’. Labour Students has a history of delivering activists on the ground, be that in by-elections like Heywood and Middleton or in key seats every weekend. Operation Flight is a great example of what the Labour party is about: people engaging communities in politics through conversations on the doorstep.

Labour Students has an absolutely packed agenda to kick off the new year, starting as we mean to go on. First off, we will be heading to Hove this Saturday with Operation Flight for a day at the seaside campaigning for the fantastic Peter Kyle.

There really could not be a better or more important time for you to come along and get stuck into campaigning in a key seat. Spending time having conversations will be what makes the difference in this election.

Do not worry if you have never been campaigning before, it really is very easy, fun and rewarding. Campaigning is a brilliant way to make new friends; the best friendships I have were made through campaigning. Through Labour Students I have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of voters in the UK, hearing what matters to them and the difference a Labour government could make.

With less than 120 days to go until Britain elects a Labour government, Labour Students is ready to campaign and win for the Labour party.

For our generation, this election is personal. With the Liberal Democrat betrayal over tuition fees, the scrapping of the educational maintenance allowance and David Cameron giving tax cuts to millionaires while students pay more, this election will be a decisive one for students in the UK. It is time for our generation to fightback against this government and get a fair deal for students and young people.

So if you are a student get involved and come to our campaign days or sign up to join Operation Flight.

The most important conversations we have this year are not just with voters. Come along and convince your friends that now is the time to play their part and make a difference!


Finn McGoldrick is chair of Labour Students. She tweets @FioMcG


Photo: Essex Labour Students


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Finn McGoldrick

is chair of Labour Students

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  • On Saturday there will be a bunch of Labour councillors out in South Ribble campaigning for Veronica Bennett.

    Two of the councillors that will be asking people to support Labour can’t be bothered to do their elected duties.

    The two councillors have the full support of the closed shop that is South Ribble CLP, chaired by a man who thinks lying to residents or being factually incorrect with them, as he likes to describe it, along with not doing what his councillors were elected for is perfectly acceptable.

    Enjoy your conversations Finn because not everyone will be having them.

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