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Britain succeeds when working families succeed

This will be one of the closest elections in a generation; vitally important for the future of our country. At this election the public will face a choice between the Tories’ failing plan and Labour’s plan for working people. At the heart of this campaign is Labour’s belief that Britain succeeds when working families succeed. The Tories just do not get this. They believe that success comes by only helping a few at the top. They have created a recovery that has benefitted the boardroom table but has not reached the kitchen table.

There is much at stake in this election. Look at the Tories’ record. They have prioritised spending cuts for millionaires while introducing the pernicious bedroom tax, hitting the most vulnerable; they have given hedge funds a tax break while working families are over £1,600 a year worse off. Their costly reorganisation and failing plan means the NHS as we know it cannot take five more years of the Tories.

Our better plan offers hope: on the economy, on the NHS and for families and the next generation.

The Tories have three times the cash we do, but Labour has a volunteer army working flat out with the biggest team of organisers that we have ever had. While David Cameron is focused on destroying Ed Miliband’s character with fear and smear we are going to fight a positive campaign with your help. Progress’ three seat challenge has been a great way to provide a boost in key seats up and down the country. We are battling cynicism in politics as well as the Tories and we have a target to have four million conversations by May because we know that personal contact with the electorate is what makes the biggest difference. We are ahead of our target but this election really will be won on the doorstep, face to face.

We can win this election. We need your help – conversation by conversation – to get Labour’s message out on the doorstep. I hope you will join us in the campaign as we take our better plan for Britain out onto the streets.


Lucy Powell MP is vice-chair of Labour’s general election campaign and a vice-chair of Progress

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Lucy Powell MP

is shadow minister for the Cabinet Office, member of parliament for Manchester Central and a vice-chair of Progress

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