April, 2015

Seven days to go

Emma Burnell  |  30 April 2015

I have been an Ed Miliband supporter for a really long time. I supported him throughout his leadership campaign and before that I was a real admirer of his work in department of energy and climate change. I saw him inspire young climate change campaigners and get them enthusiastic about Labour’s work. I knew this …

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Labour’s housing offer comes of age

Mike Katz  |  30 April 2015

This week Labour’s offer on housing came of age. Labour presented on Sunday and Monday a comprehensive package of policies which reflects both the natural aspiration of many people to own their own home, and the reality that for many the priority for delivering support and security comes through reforming the private rented sector. Underpinning …

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How Good We Can Be

Jacqui Smith  |  30 April 2015

For many the run-up to the 1997 election saw us clutching our pledge card in one hand and our copy of Will Hutton’s The State We’re In in the other. In How Good We Can Be, Hutton once again seeks to provide not just an analysis of the deepseated problems with the United Kingdom’s economy …

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A thought-out vision for rural Britain

Jack Eddy  |  30 April 2015

Well, it finally happened! The thing for which I and a large number of rural based Labour candidates and activists have been campaigning for for the best part of over two years – the rural manifesto – was released on Tuesday and is already being met with sighs of relief and cheers of joy from …

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Undermining trust and credibility

Stephen Beer  |  30 April 2015

Economic data out this week has highlighted the challenges the next government will face. Yet the latest Conservative election pledge on public finances further eroded what economic credibility they had. The official preliminary estimate of British GDP for the first quarter of this year showed that the growth rate has slowed. The economy grew only …

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Honourable Friends? Parliament and the Fight for Change

Jamie Reed MP  |  29 April 2015

A few years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Caroline Lucas about a subject we both care about and have a history of involvement with – nuclear energy. It was a wide-ranging interview. During it, I found Lucas to be engaging, warm and polite to the point of being pleasant. The tape was lost …

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Cascade of disadvantage

James Bloodworth  |  28 April 2015

For a Labour government, improving social mobility must start with reducing inequality, writes James Bloodworth Social mobility is in reverse in Britain and a large number of the best jobs are increasingly snapped up by those from privileged backgrounds. Things have got so bad that even the former Conservative prime minister John Major, hardly a …

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Anonymity argument threatens to turn back the clock

Vera Baird  |  27 April 2015

Vulnerable victims believe that the establishment covers up when highly placed men are accused of sexual abuse, and the Lowell Goddard inquiry seems to confirm that they are right. Ever more colour is added to their fears when each time a celebrity is acquitted of sex crimes the establishment calls, yet again, for rape defendants to …

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Labour has a better plan to tackle extreme inequality

Mary Creagh MP  |  26 April 2015

This week marked the two-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh. 1,100 people died that day, crushed when their factory collapsed, many of them making clothes for the British high street. A report out this week by Human Rights Watch shows that disregard of garment workers’ rights in Bangladesh continues. Workers suffer physical …

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The ramifications of Tower Hamlets

Sara Ibrahim  |  24 April 2015

This election campaign has been criticised by some commentators as being relatively uneventful. However, some things worthy of being reported are not always evident at the time they happen. So it has proven with the hard hitting judgment of Electoral Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC, handed down in the High Court yesterday. Almost 11 months on …

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