May, 2015

Don’t get angry, get organised

Felicity Slater  |  28 May 2015

In his first queen’s speech of the new term, as expected, David Cameron set Britain en route to a referendum on its membership of the European Union. While the full terms of the referendum are still to be confirmed, we know that pro-Europeans are in for the fight of our lives. Our only task must …

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True blue, not blue collar

Roy Rickhuss  |  28 May 2015

David Cameron went all out at his first cabinet meeting this month to portray the Conservative party as the ‘real party of working people’. Yet the first act of this government, shown in the queen’s speech, is to restrict the rights of working people and bring in the most regressive union laws in Europe.  This …

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The referendum starting gun has been fired

Catherine Stihler MEP  |  28 May 2015

The European Union referendum starting gun has been fired. Sometime between now and the end of 2017 we will vote on whether or not Britain should remain in the EU. It is likely it could be held next year in order to avoid it taking place while the UK holds the EU presidency and there are …

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Failing to make home-ownership a reality

Thomas Neumark  |  27 May 2015

The government’s housing bill is a mess. It makes promises that it will not be able to deliver and shows a complete lack of understanding for how the English housing market works. In this sense, it is nothing new. Part of the problem is that housing policy in England is not made by the minister …

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The Human Rights Act is safe … for now

Sally Gimson  |  27 May 2015

‘My government will bring forward proposals for a British bill of rights’, was all the Queen had to say in her speech today about the abolition of the Human Rights Act. No legislation, just proposals. It was the moment the Conservative government bottled it and reneged on their manifesto promise. The hard reality of having …

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A new language is needed

Ros McMullen  |  27 May 2015

Social mobility matters because everyone wants their lives to get easier economically, have better health and more fulfilling and enjoyable leisure time.  Everyone wants this and, perhaps even more importantly, wants it for their children.  The vast majority of people would prefer to have this not be at the expense of others.  Indeed most people …

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A proactive approach to the EU referendum

Kamran Hussain  |  26 May 2015

There is a general consensus that Labour lost the argument on the economy and business which led to a bruising election defeat just over three weeks ago. However, the European referendum is a great opportunity for Labour to reconnect with business and lead the fight to stay in Europe and regain trust on the economy. …

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We need to talk about Labour’s ground campaign

Andy Charlwood  |  26 May 2015

In a series of thoughtful analyses, defeated Labour candidates Nick Bent, Mari Williams and Lucy Rigby all argue that the one aspect of Labour’s campaign that went right was the ground campaign in target seats. I am afraid I disagree. As Luke Akehurst’s analysis makes clear, we did worse in key seats than in the rest of the …

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Our shame of aspiration has to stop

Bilal Mahmood  |  26 May 2015

Perhaps the most poignant moment of my election campaign was questions and answers with a local Scouts chapter. A very bright young person asked me, ‘You work as a solicitor in the City of London and practice corporate finance law. Nothing about you says ‘Labour.’ So why stand for them?’ It is that question and the …

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No going back to the past

Daniel Ben-Avraham  |  26 May 2015

This year’s election was a dark one for the Labour party and progressive forces across the country. It was a long and gloomy night, from losing well-known members of parliament such as Ed Balls and Douglas Alexander, to the near wipe-out of the party in its traditional Labour heartlands in Scotland. But, rather than mourn …

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