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Fighting for Labour mayor in Tower Hamlets

What is the single most important thing that any Labour activist can be doing at this moment?

Campaigning for a Labour win and a Labour mayor in Tower Hamlets – a Labour gain and the start of the Labour fightback for 2020.

Everything else, really, can wait. We have three days to ensure that the people of Tower Hamlets have a Labour mayor to stand up for them. Three days and then we can go back to the analysis of why we lost, how we win and the Labour leadership contest. Yes, we need to work out why we lost – but please help us in these final three days to make sure we take our first step to winning again.

In three days time I want the BBC to be saying ‘Labour gain, Labour mayor for Tower Hamlets’. It will send a strong message to people across the country that Labour is fighting back, a strong message that when we lose we do not do the one thing the Tories want us to do, which is lose focus and lose heart.

We are all in politics to bring about change and stand up for people – that has not changed. People in Tower Hamlets need us to stand up for them, by campaigning for a mayor who will fight for the many not the few.

We need every activist out fighting for people and fighting for a Labour mayor

I have just campaigned for almost four years as I stood to be the member of parliament in Harlow. We lost. I am sad for the people of Harlow and sad for the country, but I made clear at the count what we all know – the Tories want us to stop fighting. We will not. The Tories want us to become introspective. We will not.

The Tories do not want us to win in Tower Hamlets, but we can win – only if we fight hard. We are Labour and we are resilient and more than ever people need us to be resilient and fight back. Do not wait, please start now and come join us.

As a born and bread East Ender I am proud of what the East End has contributed to the Labour movement: Clement Attlee, George Lansbury, Will Crooks. Let’s gain encouragement from the roots of our movement and let’s fight for a Labour mayor in the East End.

So in the midst of feeling tired and frustrated I know the Tories want us to take our eyes of the ball – we will not. So come and join us, stand with us and fight for a Labour mayor and the first step to Labour winning in 2020. All things are possible, but belief is key.

It is going to be very close in Tower Hamlets – and every single person that comes will make the difference.

We are campaigning every day for the next three days. Please come and get involved.


Polling day in Tower Hamlets is this Thursday, 11 June 2015

Contact me Suzy Stride: | 07838138886
Chris Weavers:
Ali Craft: | 020 7729 6682


Suzy Stride is the former parliamentary candidate for Harlow


Photo: John Biggs

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Suzy Stride

is Labour PPC for Harlow


  • In three days times I want the BBC to be saying Labour gain, Labour mayor for Tower Hamlets. It will send a strong message to people across the country that Labour are fighting back

    In your dreams. It will send a strong message that Labour is the party of divisive identity politics.

    Remember Ed on that train? “What are you doing to get the Sikh vote out for Labour?” The Sikh vote? The Sikh vote? They’re all one vote, are they, because they look the same to the raj from Dartmouth Park?

    How dare you. How dare you do this to our country.

  • I’m not a fan of John Biggs, but the alternatives to him are much less palatable than him, so I would urge people to vote for him. How is voting for him “divisive identity politics” ?

  • Yes, they all look the same, do they not? And how you look tells Ed how you vote.

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