November, 2015

Defeating Daesh

Gary Kent  |  30 November 2015

We cannot hide in the futile hope that Daesh will look elsewhere. Yet, many blame western policy rather than the autonomous agency of this fascism. Jeremy Corbyn argues that, ‘It is the conflict in Syria and the consequences of the Iraq war which have created the conditions for Isis to thrive and spread its murderous …

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It’s not logical, Jim

Matthew Doyle  |  30 November 2015

Sometimes things happen in politics to question one’s very sanity, the rules by which you have always thought things operate. One such moment is Donald Trump’s rise in America. The night of president Obama’s re-election I wrote for Progress to say that surely now the Republican party would have to realise that there are not …

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Leadership on climate change starts at home

Caroline Flint MP  |  30 November 2015

Last week I was delighted to take part in a debate on climate change ahead of the vital UNFCC climate talks in Paris which start this week. In June, as shadow secretary of state for energy and climate change I led a debate on this topic on the first opposition day of the parliament. The more recent …

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A glimpse of an Osborne-led government

Karen Landles  |  30 November 2015

The spending review was a clear pitch for the leadership, a glimpse of how our country with its diverse communities would look under a George Osborne-led government. This was a speech carefully constructed around words of security, both economic and national, of strength, of building up, yet behind the reassurance the reality remains bleak. Whether …

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The Last Word … How many Mao times?

Jamie Reed MP  |  27 November 2015

It’s been an extraordinary few weeks in parliament. Following a week described by my Last Word predecessor John McTernan as ‘Labour’s worst ever’ this week has been similarly difficult. The widely anticipated comprehensive spending review was, as such set piece events so often are, something of an anti-climax. Humiliating and damaging U-turns by George Osborne over …

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George Osborne’s student betrayal

Wes Streeting MP  |  27 November 2015

As ever with a George Osborne spending review, the devil is always in the detail. So while the theatre of the autumn statement was taking place, my nose was buried in the blue book that details every decision in the spending review. Sure enough, page 93 contained a sentence announcing that the government was not …

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An open letter to Ken Livingstone

Joe Goldberg  |  27 November 2015

Dear Ken, I was there at Edgware Road on July 7 2005 when Mohammad Sidique Khan detonated a bomb killing Laura Webb, Colin Morley, Jennifer Nicholson, David Foulkes, Jonathan Downey and Michael Brewster, and maiming many others. The scenes at Edgware Road were beyond description. I returned to the station for the first time this …

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How Europe is fighting violence against women

Mary Honeyball MEP  |  27 November 2015

This week we celebrate the courageous women who have spoken out, taken action against or helped some of the most vulnerable women overcome gender-based violence. Their stories are as chilling and poignant as they are optimistic and brave. Examples were highlighted on Wednesday, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Despite this …

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The plan to steal Labour clothes

Karin Smyth MP  |  26 November 2015

It may turn out to be a day to tell our grandchildren about. But let’s get beyond the little red book, and whether the chancellor is clever, and focus on the real Tory plan. The plan to steal Labour clothes; to pick up on some of our best ideas – ones that address the priorities …

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The right to strike must be protected

Nick Jones  |  26 November 2015

With the draconian trade union bill close to passing into legislation, the Tory line is centred on this very notion: ‘strikes are bad for the public and bad for Britain’. Labour must expose the fallacy of this argument to the public. One of the most frightening aspects of the bill is the proposal to allow …

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