2016: the year in review

Progress  |  31 December 2016

Welcome to the review of our year on Progress Most progressives are glad to see the back of 2016. It has been a disastrous year in so many ways. Everyone will have their personal lows – the poor deal that David Cameron present to the public making Brexit more likely, Labour coming third in Scotland …

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The Last Word: Copeland challenge

Richard Angell  |  22 December 2016

Jamie Reed leaving parliament I am personally extremely sad that Jamie Reed – and former author of this column – is leaving parliament in the near year but understand that he must put his family first. His new role people he might be able to get more done for the people of Copeland than he …

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The social care funding crisis

Rishi Shori  |  21 December 2016

The social care precept is not the long term solution to bridging funding gaps in social care, writes leader of Bury council Rishi Shori The current system of funding for social care in England is broken. There is nothing particularly surprising in that statement. A growing, ageing, population living longer with multiple, complex needs is …

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Brexit blame lies with them

Chris Elmore MP  |  20 December 2016

The Conservatives’ lack of clarity on Brexit is frustrating business, and shows they cannot be trusted on the economy  Periods of uncertainty and market fluctuations are an inevitable course for every business. The unease we are seeing at the moment is not unprecedented, but the government’s attitude to it is. Instead of a strategy to …

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Passing the buck on social care

Linda Thomas  |  19 December 2016

A six per cent increase in council tax hurts those who are just about managing the most, writes deputy leader of Bolton council Linda Thomas Although the latest announcement now acknowledges the crisis that they denied in the autumn statement, the government’s solution is plain wrong because it shifts the burden of their failed austerity policy …

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Brexit will be painful, not quick

Seb Dance MEP  |  19 December 2016

Labour must not duck the big questions on immigration, but it cannot that pretend there are easy answers on Brexit either, argues Seb Dance MEP I have consistently questioned the decision of some of my Labour colleagues to make ending freedom of movement a red line in Brexit negotiations. I understand why members of parliament, …

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The Last Word: The loner leader

Richard Angell  |  16 December 2016

Theresa May gave the world a glimpse of what Brexit Britain, certainly under her lack of vision, would look like. Alone with no one to talk to at the latest European Union summit she looked awkward and in desperate need of friends. No longer the new kid on the block – the Italian minister of …

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‘Save Aleppo, save Aleppo, save Aleppo’

Abdiwali Duale  |  16 December 2016

‘Save Aleppo, save Aleppo, save Aleppo’, were the words being chanted, as hundreds of people gathered – myself included – in front of 10 Downing Street in the mildly foggy weather. As small drops of rain trickled down from the sky, one of the guest speakers compared it to the way in which chemical poisons would trickle …

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Owning the northern powerhouse

Alexander Adranghi  |  16 December 2016

The northern powerhouse is one among the latest wave of political narratives attempting to spark the imagination of the electorate. Other than ‘austerity’, no narrative has as successfully captured the public mood since the days of New Labour. This aspiration can become a substantial rallying call for the long-neglected residents of the north – one around …

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Wonks wake up to Brexit

Ben Dilks  |  16 December 2016

It has already become a cliché to say historians will spend years poring over Britain’s shock Brexit vote. While there will inevitably be a huge amount of debate over the various causes and eventual consequences, few contest the magnitude of the result. The immediate political fallout – battles within the two main parties, leading to a shiny new …

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