June, 2016

The wheels come off the Boris wagon

Fiona Twycross AM  |  30 June 2016

Today’s announcement that Boris Johnson will not be putting himself forward as a candidate in the Conservative leadership election brought welcome relief in the headlines from Labour’s own trials and tribulations. Boris Johnson is a populist politician. The type of person people can imagine going to the pub with. A joker, a clown and a …

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Words matter

Leon Spence  |  30 June 2016

It is a week now since Britain changed significantly and quite possibly for at least the rest of our lifetimes. There is very little doubt that for any of us – it does not even matter which political party that you support – the political landscape in the immortal words of The Fresh Prince of …

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Eight tests for the Chakrabarti report

Richard Angell  |  29 June 2016

Tomorrow Shami Chakrabarti’s review into antisemitism and how it should be tackled is to be presented. I am told everyone is seeing the report tomorrow for the first time – obviously we the party members, and the Jewish community, but the leader’s office, the general secretary and the National Executive Committee too. It should be …

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A way forward on immigration

Thom Brooks  |  29 June 2016

The Labour party’s struggle with immigration is harming our ability to win key votes including last week’s EU referendum. Despite David Cameron’s governments reaching record high levels of net migration, Labour is blamed for opening the door. Our problem is that if we fail to win public trust we risk losing future elections. The good …

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Time for London to ‘take back control’

Mike Katz  |  29 June 2016

After a momentous vote predicated on regaining control, it seems chaos which has the upper hand. So, amid all the tumult, it was good to see new London mayor Sadiq Khan with his eye on the ball yesterday, making a speech of fundamental importance to the future of London. As someone who has joked about …

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Saving the Human Rights Act and our EU membership

Tom McNeil  |  29 June 2016

The mood among many people I know was dark on the day we realised the country had voted to Leave the European Union. I knew of some who were celebrating as well, but I do not think they will be for long. Despite the mainstream narrative that the Remain campaigns were unduly scaremongering, the results …

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A new deal for Europe

Roger Liddle  |  28 June 2016

The last few days have been much the worst emotional trauma of a long political life. As the referendum results came in on early Friday morning, one’s only feeling was one of deep pain: that decades of commitment to Britain in Europe, and the nobility of the goal of a united Europe, had seemingly ended …

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Time for a kinder, less personally vicious politics

Mary Wimbury  |  27 June 2016

The people have spoken and those of us who wanted to remain in the European Union must accept this. I have no truck with the petition currently doing the rounds asking for the referendum to be rerun and nor should the Labour party. It would be a slap in the face to many Labour or …

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The price of our failure

Sally Keeble  |  27 June 2016

There were two fat failures for the Labour party in the European referendum. One was the inability to mobilise the support of Labour supporters to vote for the party’s policy to remain in the European Union. The other was the inability to articulate the fears and concerns of voters who would normally look to Labour …

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Polling station

Labour has been found wanting

Stephen Beer  |  27 June 2016

The fallout from the referendum continues. A Tory leadership crisis has been followed by resignations from shadow cabinet members expressing discontent with the Labour leader. There is a vacuum at the centre of our national politics, which Labour should be filling. It is not. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has issued an emergency statement designed …

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