July, 2016

Details matter

Charlie Samuda  |  29 July 2016

Before she took the stage last night to accept the Democratic nomination for president there was every indication that Hillary Clinton’s speech would be a very personal one. Becoming the first female nominee is a historic achievement as well as an individual one. Plenty of pundits and doubtless some of her staff had been advising …

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Heineken leaders

James Lewis  |  27 July 2016

Labour councillors reach the places others can’t Reflecting on Leeds’ local election results this May, which saw wards that have not elected a Labour member of parliament for two or three general elections vote in Labour councillors, it is clear that, in the words of the old beer advert, Labour councillors can reach the parts that …

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‘The unacceptable face of capitalism’

Karen Buck MP  |  27 July 2016

British Home Stores, once the flagship enterprise of the then acclaimed ‘retail wizard’ Philip Green, is winding up fast. Eleven thousand employees stand to lose their jobs. 20,000 pensioners face cuts to their pensions – losing up to 77 per cent in the worst case. Contributions to those reduced pensions will potentially have to come from …

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Aiming High

Florian Ranft  |  27 July 2016

Once a vital source of future-facing visions and reforms, progressive movements today are struggling to convince voters and win elections. Between 2003 and 2015, centre-left parties have lost vote shares in key European countries, including Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom; in southern states, such as Greece, they face electoral …

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Social justice through work

Nick Forbes  |  26 July 2016

Substantial devolution will help local Labour create jobs As we pick up the pieces of the Brexit vote, it is clear that now more than ever Labour must demonstrate it can create the jobs of the future. Our mission to create social justice through work is our defining characteristic as a party. And the uncertainty following the …

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Westminster Diary: A Reluctant Minister Under Tony Blair

Andrew Harrop  |  26 July 2016

I had not known that Bernard Donoughue was a junior minister in the opening period of Tony Blair’s premiership. The affable peer will always be best known for the part he played in the turbulent Wilson and Callaghan years, as the head of the No 10 policy unit – the subject of two earlier volumes …

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Beyond crisis

Steve Bullock  |  25 July 2016

Local Labour’s imagination and tenacity on housing must continue, writes Steve Bullock It is now a given that London has a ‘housing crisis’ – no one disputes this, and perhaps as a result too few people respond with enough urgency. In fact the situation is beyond crisis – London faces a full-blown housing emergency with 50,000 families in some sort …

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Taking Power Back: Putting People in Charge of Politics

Alice Perry  |  22 July 2016

British politics in crisis. Chaos reigns in both Labour and the Conservative party. The Brexit vote has left many people feeling bewildered, unable to recognise their country. People across the political spectrum feel deeply angry with the establishment. The key referendum message which resonated with voters spoke of the desire to ‘take back control’. So …

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The week the mods got organised

Richard Angell  |  22 July 2016

They said it couldn’t be done, that moderate Labour supporters could never be persuaded to pay £25 for a vote in the leadership election. But this week, from a standing start, Saving Labour – and all those who fell in behind – galvanised the moderate wing of the Labour party and recruited a historic number …

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The only thing to fear …

Louie Woodall  |  22 July 2016

Be afraid. Be very afraid. That was the message Donald Trump, now officially the Republican presidential nominee, rammed home in his acceptance speech last night. It is also a message Hillary Clinton supporters should heed as they prepare for their own political jamboree next week. Trump wheeled out his greatest hits from the campaign trail …

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