August, 2016

Asset-stripping Labour

Richard Angell  |  31 August 2016

Momentum is a party waiting to leave a party —The results of the National Executive Committee elections were disappointing. A clean sweep for the Momentum-backed slate will not be good for plurality, nor party democracy. But we should be proud of the six people Progress and Labour First supported. Ellie Reeves and Johanna Baxter doubled their votes and …

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The Tories are letting domestic abuse victims down

Vera Baird  |  31 August 2016

The attorney general should not preen himself in the press for his recent success in lengthening jail sentences for robbers and burglars. Instead he should tackle the unduly lenient sentences handed out for domestic abuse – as the Tories’ election manifesto pretended they would. In a typical case at Teesside court, a longterm abuser got …

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Time for a root-and-branch review of referendums

Katie Ghose  |  31 August 2016

What is the role of referendums in our democracy? For some, referendums are a means for demagogues to undermine parliamentary sovereignty. For others, they are a vital exercise in engaging citizens on crucial constitutional issues that cannot be settled by parties alone. Yet referendums are not good or bad in themselves; they are a democratic …

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More talking, less Twitter

Phil Wilson MP  |  31 August 2016

In the early 1990s, Sedgefield Labour party received permission from head office to experiment with membership recruitment. The local party had already expanded its membership but we knew we could do more. Recruitment was important to us. Attracting Labour supporters into membership was a practical means of bringing the party closer to the communities we …

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Chaos under Corbyn

Richard Angell  |  31 August 2016

A year in decline under hard-left control September 12 – Jeremy Corbyn wins 59 per cent of the vote in the ballot to become Labour’s new leader. Having secured 251,417 votes he becomes Ed Miliband’s even more leftwing successor. In a rambling speech with no notes, structure or real message, he introduces himself to the country in the worst possible light. 13 – …

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The real meaning of #traingate

Christabel Cooper  |  31 August 2016

Is a train completely full only when every seat is occupied by a live human being, or is a train full when all the seats are merely reserved (either officially, or unofficially through the strategic deployment of a handbag on an empty chair?) There are valid arguments on either side, but whilst being a worthy …

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Walking target

Jess Phillips MP  |  30 August 2016

Violence against political women is on the rise and risks alienating women from public life, argues Jess Phillips ‘If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the second amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what, that will be a horrible day’. This is the …

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‘It’s moved from comedy to tragedy’

Richard Angell  |  30 August 2016

The Labour party still has a long road to walk on women’s equality, Ayesha Hazarika tells Richard Angell Having rushed across town, comic-turned-political-adviser (turned comic again) Ayesha Hazarika arrives at King’s Cross station to find her train to Edinburgh, where her first major show since leaving politics is on at the comedy fringe, has been …

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Claire Reynolds  |  30 August 2016

Internet haters want to silence women in public life The internet has become a safe space for misogynists. Comments which would lead to tribunals in the workplace or gasps of condemnation in the pub flow freely behind the murky anonymity of the web. Rape threats, ‘slut’ shaming and body-fascism are now disturbingly commonplace on Twitter. It …

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The art of opposition

Jacqui Smith  |  26 August 2016

Theresa May is not invincible. Here’s how to oppose her Let’s do a little late summer day-dreaming. Imagine we were in a fit state as a party to build an effective opposition to Theresa May and her government. What would we be doing? Where should we focus our efforts? I know from 10 years of ministerial life what an effective opposition …

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