October, 2016

Britain is more than just its past

Rachael Saunders  |  31 October 2016

I really welcome the debate that has been led by John Denham and others, about Englishness and national identity. I am proud of where I am from, and I am about an English as it is possible to be. My grandparents were from Barnsley, Manchester, Warrington and London. I am also classically English in that if …

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The Attlee legacy

Jamie Reed MP  |  31 October 2016

Labour’s stance on Trident is clear, again —Last month (October), new shadow defence secretary Nia Griffith recommitted Labour to maintaining its long-standing policy in favour of maintaining Trident, our national nuclear deterrent. With it, she restated Labour’s support for the building of the new Vanguard submarines upon which the deterrent will depend. In these grim times, …

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Movement politics

Ellie Groves and Renie Anjeh  |  31 October 2016

Should Labour back restrictions on freedom of movement of people?

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A ‘friends and family’ offer to Europe?

Jill Rutter  |  31 October 2016

Leaving the European Union will lead to significant changes to United Kingdom immigration policy. Over the next year, the UK government will have to decide about the immigration offer it wants to make to the EU 27, as part of a broader post-Brexit relationship. The trade-off between market access and freedom of movement will be …

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‘Don’t leave’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  28 October 2016

Now more than ever, Labour needs its members to get stuck in, Neil Kinnock tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison In these dark and heart-breaking times within the Labour party, Neil Kinnock stands as a beacon of hope for many. As we join him in his Westminster office, a snug end-of-corridor room crammed with memorabilia of …

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Regional airports need our vision

Doug James  |  28 October 2016

The overlong and overcharged debate about the airport expansion in the south-east has until recently been conducted with an exclusively London-centric focus, with the arguments for and against expanding the capacity at Heathrow. The government has now opted for Heathrow but there is a long way to go before any construction takes place. It is …

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Practical compassion

Sheila Gilmore  |  28 October 2016

On ‘welfare ‘ Labour is struggling to find the right policy and language. In the last parliament we spent a lot of time attacking the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government’s policies, through debates on the welfare reform bill, opposition led debates, and at prime minister’s questions. There was no lack of anger and passion. The Tories …

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The tragedy of Western isolationism

Grace Skelton  |  27 October 2016

The Labour party has always had a proud internationalist tradition. Yet in recent years we have allowed ourselves to be bullied into thinking that any attempt by the West to intervene in the affairs of another country, regardless of the reasons for intervention, is modern day colonialism. This thinking is not the preserve of the Labour …

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Scotland deserves a real voice

Ian Murray MP  |  27 October 2016

Earlier this week, Theresa May held her first meeting with the devolved administrations about the approach that will be taken to the Brexit negotiations. The prime minister has promised to take a United Kingdom-wide approach, establishing a new joint ministerial committee sub-committee on Brexit for formal discussions with the devolved nations. That seems a positive …

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Hobbesian brutality in Mosul

Gary Kent  |  27 October 2016

Last week I was fifty miles from Mosul in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq where life was fairly normal and safe although its calm was occasionally pierced by the sirens of ambulances speeding wounded soldiers to hospital and American helicopters clattering above. Government officials turned up each day to my course …

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