We will not be bounced

Paul Williams and Phil Wilson MP  |  20 November 2017

An arbitrary leaving date risks a triple whammy for the north-east: loss of trade, loss of people who do vital jobs and a contracting economy, believe Paul Williams and Phil Wilson As new Brexit evidence emerges, we have to be honest with our electorate – however difficult that might be for us or for them. …

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Start-up new relations

Alex Mitchell  |  20 November 2017

Britain should look to Macron, not Merkel, for the entrepreneurial future Europe needs, with or without Brexit, argues Alex Mitchell Emmanuel Macron had an epic rise to the Élysée palace, changing the political system in which he operates. In a marked contrast with the rise of Donald Trump, he aggressively courted the centre of French politics. …

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The Last Word: Salmond’s cynical show

Robert Philpot  |  17 November 2017

The former Scottish first minister’s attempts to show his editorial independence at RT are a shameless ploy – but Labour cannot take the moral highground, laments Robert Philpot There was something deeply cynical about Alex Salmond’s decision to include a segment on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans issues during the first episode this week of his controversial …

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Too gig to fail?

Wes Streeting MP  |  17 November 2017

Being pro-innovation should not allow us to be indifferent to corporate excess, says Wes Streeting ‘Defend the livelihoods of 40,000 drivers’. ‘Protect consumer choice for 3.5 million Londoners’. ‘800,000 people have supported our petition’. Uber can be criticised for many failings, but its public relations machine is not one of them. In the furore that …

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The progressive case for universal basic income

Mark Walker  |  16 November 2017

It is the right time to have the debate on basic income – and the centre-left should not be so quick to dismiss it, argues Mark Walker Universal basic income looks to address a problem for the future rather than repair a problem of the past. It is the very essence of progressiveness and worthy …

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Moving on

Adrian McMenamin  |  16 November 2017

Neil Kinnock’s bravery to stand his own ground in the early 1980s was a model for my own political shift, reveals former Bennite Adrian McMenamin  I have not quite been here before. I did not get around to joining the Labour party until I was 16, with my membership approved by Chipping Barnet’s general committee on …

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Giving women the tools to lead

Cat Headley  |  15 November 2017

Applying for the Jo Cox Women in Leadership programme was a life-changing experience for me, writes Cat Headley From the top deck of a number 31 bus, I looked out over Edinburgh’s skyline of spires and historic buildings and shed tears for a woman I had never met. Making my way home, I listened to …

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Solutions not slogans

Editorial  |  15 November 2017

Labour needs the right economic project In his conference speech in Brighton, Jeremy Corbyn stated that it is not enough for Labour to be ready for an election, but that ‘we must be government-ready too. Our aspirations matched by our competence.’ This one statement identifies precisely Labour’s dilemma. An energetic general election campaign can win a …

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Time for a business rates alternative

Ibrahim Dogus  |  14 November 2017

Which one of Labour’s ideas for business will the Tories pinch next, asks Ibrahim Dogus Small and medium-sized enterprises are already facing an unprecedented set of challenges with Brexit looming and all the instability associated with it. Prices are rising, investment is slowing and SMEs are getting increasingly nervous. The overall climate is gloomy, and last month was the worst October for British retail …

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The wrong battles

The Progressive  |  14 November 2017

Progressive politics should be looking to the future, not trying to nationalise the private sector The Labour party has been having a row about the role of the state, markets, and the profit motive since Queen Victoria was on the throne. Early radicals and socialists had an instinctive distrust of a strong state, which they …

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