April, 2017

A changing Wales is a warning for Labour

Chris Carter  |  28 April 2017

This week’s polling in Wales should shock Labour into action, argues Chris Carter In the run up to June’s general election, it pays to keep a keen eye out for localised opinion polls. It is with this in mind we should all stand up and pay attention to Wales and its voters, following the release …

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Macron on the march?

Alex Porter  |  28 April 2017

The French presidential frontrunner will be competing against low turnout to hold back the tide of populism, says Alex Porter Polling, as we are all keenly aware, has been wrong before. Although the outcomes of the upcoming elections either side of the Channel seem set in stone, pundits remain reluctant to place their bets too …

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Welsh Labour remains an offer of stability

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP  |  27 April 2017

The strong leadership Labour offers in Wales is being undermined by a Tory government in Westminster, writes Nick Thomas-Symonds I was elected to parliament in May 2015 as one of 25 Welsh Labour members of parliament. Over the course of the last two years I have seen at first-hand the work Welsh Labour MPs have …

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Ignoring Brexit during this election would be a mistake

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  26 April 2017

Imagine driving through central London, at rush hour, with no traffic lights. Imagine the Merseyside derby (the fixture that has seen more red cards than any other in British football) being played without a referee. Imagine flights trying to land at Heathrow without any air traffic controllers. It probably would not end well, would it? …

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Time to get off the fence on freedom of movement

Rachel Finnegan  |  25 April 2017

We have to act on principles rather than playing politics as we shape our Brexit message, writes Rachel Finnegan It is clear to everyone that there were many reasons the general public voted to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016. The economy, sovereignty, immigration, education, trade, austerity, Nigel Farage. But what implications do …

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Get in gear

Conor Pope  |  24 April 2017

The polls are certain to narrow – and Jeremy Corbyn must set the tone by focusing his efforts in Labour target seats, writes Conor Pope At the last election, many believed that the Liberal Democrats’ collapse in support would not be reflected in the number of seats they returned. Liberal Democrat members of parliament were …

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Letter from … Rome

Lia Quartapelle  |  24 April 2017

December’s referendum on constitutional reform has led to an ongoing reconfiguration of Italian politics, writes Lia Quartapelle. The government’s defeat in the vote led to a shake-up at the top, and new leadership in the form of former foreign affairs minister Paolo Gentiloni. It also ignited a leadership contest in the centre-left Democratic party (PD). This is the …

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The Last Word: Be counted

Richard Angell  |  21 April 2017

Join the Progress team this weekend out on the #labourdoorstep in the West Midlands, Hove, Wirral and across London – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word This is going to be one of the strangest general elections ever. We all know how 2015 went when Labour started the campaign ahead in the …

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Stand for something

Conor Pope  |  21 April 2017

If Tony Blair and Gordon Brown could stand on the ‘longest suicide note in history’ in 1983 – you can stand for Labour now, writes Progress deputy editor Conor Pope The 1983 intake saw three future Labour leaders take their seats in parliament for the first time, including two future prime ministers. For all we talk …

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Labour must speak for England

Joe Jervis  |  21 April 2017

The left has to embrace an inclusive, social democratic patriotism if they hope to win in England and form a government again, argues Joe Jervis I have a hunch that when historians analyse this decade of Labour doom the defining image will not be of Ed Miliband stood awkwardly next to a ridiculous giant stone or failing …

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