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The fight of progressives’ lives

Labour members must bust a gut to elect as many Labour members of parliament as possible and stop a hard Brexit, writes Progress director Richard Angell

This morning Theresa May broke another promise and plunged the country towards an early election. She will use the next seven weeks to ram through a hard Brexit at any cost while arguing it will only have minor consequences.

Progressives are in the fight of our lives. It falls on hardworking Labour members to get out on the doorstep and elect as many Labour members of parliament as is humanly possible.

The country needs a Labour government – that is not in doubt. The 20th anniversary of that 1997 victory reminds us that Labour can beat a divided and rightwing Tory government when our values are in touch with the British public. If it is to do so again, Labour must make a strong case against a hard Brexit, a strong stand for the interests of working people and return hardworking Labour MPs.

We now need every Labour member – in Progress or otherwise – to get to your nearest Labour-held seat and help get that MP’s message out on the doorstep. Progress will be matching those of you who want to help with Labour MPs who need increased capacity. Have you been an organiser before? Have you been involved in an election? Maybe this will be your first time out on the campaign trail.

Tell us now and we can help to connect you with a seat that needs your skills and enthusiasm.

Whatever happens in this election it will not be because progressive members of the Labour party sat it out. We will bust a gut to help Labour and stop a hard Brexit.


Richard Angell is director of Progress. He tweets at @RichardAngell


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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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