June, 2017

The Last Word: Correcting a historic injustice

Richard Angell  |  30 June 2017

A big win for Stella Creasy, fighting for single market membership, cracks in Labour’s newfound unity, and a thank you – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word I am proud to know Stella Creasy on most days, but yesterday she showed politics and our movement at its best. She spoke with power …

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The silence of the libertarians

Kuba Stawiski  |  28 June 2017

That David Davis is opposed to identification cards for British citizens, but not European Union migrants, sets a very worrying precedent, writes Young Fabians secretary Kuba Stawiski It is frankly astonishing how quickly the defenders of civil liberties disappear when the subject of immigration is breached. Now, as part of the ‘generous and serious offer’, Britain’s zombie …

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How left populism took hold

Conor Pope  |  27 June 2017

The Labour leader’s revitalisation is based on a belief that there has never been a better time for his politics to succeed, writes Conor Pope ‘Last night compounded a growing feeling: Jeremy Corbyn’s time is either now, or he does not have one.’ That was the view from inside the leader’s office and figures in …

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Is the single market back on the table?

Mary Honeyball MEP  |  26 June 2017

The longer Brexit negotiations draw on, the stronger the hand of those that wish to remain in the single market and customs union becomes, argues Mary Honeyball MEP at Progress annual conference 2017 Ever since the result of the ill-fate referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union was known just over a year ago, the …

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This is what Progress means

Alison McGovern MP  |  24 June 2017

This is the full text of Progress chair, Alison McGovern MP’s, address to Progress annual conference 2017. Watch her speech in full here. First I want to talk about Richard Angell. I don’t always know how to describe exactly what I stand for. But when I heard Richard’s words after the terrible terrorist attack on London …

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Winning back the working class

Liam Byrne MP  |  24 June 2017

Labour was once seen as the builders of the future. We need to be again, argued Liam Byrne MP at Progress annual conference 2017 With a campaign as radical as it was united, Labour is within touching distance of government. A 3.1 per cent swing is all we need to carry Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street. For …

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The task ahead

Richard Angell  |  24 June 2017

Full text of the speech Progress director Richard Angell gave to open Progress annual conference 2017. You can watch the conference live on Facebook. Welcome to Progress annual conference 2017. It is promises yet again to be the place of ‘straight talking honest politics’ with speakers from across the Labour movement.  We meet in the …

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The next step for Progress

Richard Angell  |  23 June 2017

We are adopting a new funding model for Progress – and we need your help, writes Richard Angell After 21 years of generous support, I know you will want to join me as we thank Lord Sainsbury for his generous and ongoing support for Progress and our centre-left politics, as he prepares to step back …

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Fighting for the single market

Peter Hain  |  23 June 2017

The Labour party must be in the vanguard of the struggle to keep the United Kingdom in the single market, argues former cabinet minister Peter Hain As Jeremy Corbyn has argued, Labour must prioritise jobs and the economy over Brexit – which, for those Labour parliamentarians who have signed a new statement, means staying in the …

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Forward, not back on women’s representation

Bex Bailey  |  22 June 2017

The general election represented a welcome stride forward for the Labour party on women’s representation – but the job is far from done, argues former NEC youth rep Bex Bailey Labour now has more women MPs than at any point in its history. We must seize on this progress and not stop until we have achieved …

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