August, 2017

Building the sisterhood

Ashley Dalton  |  31 August 2017

The Jo Cox Women in Leadership course is helping women in the Labour party to combat misogyny and intimidation – and to support one another, writes Ashley Dalton When Jo Cox was elected to parliament in 2015 she was one of 99 Labour women members of parliament and they made up 42 per cent of the …

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Muzzled mayors

The Insider  |  31 August 2017

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village The foolproof guide to spotting a Bennite power grab is when it is dressed up as ‘giving the members a bigger voice’. Such a move is behind the news that Andy Burnham and Sadiq Khan are currently being denied speeches at this year’s party conference. The theory is that instead …

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A debt of gratitude

Sheila Gilmore  |  31 August 2017

Kezia Dugdale gave Scottish Labour a renewed confidence – and dragged it back to contention – and we owe it to her to build upon that legacy, writes Sheila Gilmore As a party we owe a great deal to Kezia Dugdale’s willingness to ‘step up to the plate’ in the difficult period following the 2015 general …

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Morals, not money

Roger Liddle and Rupa Huq  |  30 August 2017

Britain’s membership of the single market and customs union is not about economics but implementing Labour values, argue Rupa Huq and Roger Liddle Fifteen months on from the referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union with the clock ticking on the article 50 negotiations, our government, which seems to have carelessly lost its …

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No free for all

Catherine Barnard  |  30 August 2017

You can provide controls on immigration while upholding free movement of labour, finds Catherine Barnard For many people, it was concerns about immigration that prompted them to vote to leave the European Union. The perception was that the United Kingdom was unable to deport EU criminals, that EU migrants were putting an undue burden on …

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Brighton bound

Luke Akehurst  |  29 August 2017

Will Momentum, the National Executive Committee and the leader’s office break Labour’s unity with hostile rule changes at party conference? Labour party annual conference 2017 will operate on two levels. Publicly, the unexpectedly good performance for Labour in the June general election means that there will be a celebratory mood and frontbench speakers, particularly Jeremy Corbyn, are …

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Manifesto matters

Adrian McMenamin and Matt Zarb-Cousin  |  29 August 2017

Was Labour’s 2017 manifesto really the progressive platform the left has been waiting for?

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Corbyn’s choice

Editorial  |  27 August 2017

The UK staying in the single market is in the gift of the Labour leader and his ‘new politics’ Jeremy Corbyn paints his political views in primary colours: he is against war, austerity and the private sector. He was a fervent critic of Neil Kinnock, John Smith, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. He voted against …

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In Corbyn’s gift

Hilary Armstrong  |  27 August 2017

If Jeremy Corbyn gives Labour MPs the room to act it could mean staying in the single market without losing the ‘left behind’ voters to Labour’s cause, believes Hilary Armstrong The challenge for the Labour leadership in the coming weeks and months around Brexit is clear. We have two very distinct strands, those more working-class, …

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Labour’s waiting game

Mark Stuart  |  27 August 2017

Could the cautious Brexit approach come back to harm Jeremy Corbyn, asks Mark Stuart At last, David Davis, the secretary of state for exiting the European Union, has revealed his initial negotiating hand on the customs union. The government proposes a temporary ‘virtual partnership’, following Britain’s departure from the EU in March 2019. But only …

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