October, 2017

What can be done?

Jessica Asato  |  30 October 2017

Labour needs to take action to make the party a safer space for women, says Jess Asato As I watched a flood of my female friends on social media writing ‘#MeToo’ after the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse revelations, something struck me – many of the experiences of sexual harassment, assault and discrimination they had faced …

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Equality begins at home

Megan Corton Scott  |  30 October 2017

We cannot let ourselves believe that our politics is immune from harassment and abuse, writes Megan Corton Scott Increasingly, it feels as though the scandal around the sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinsten has broken free from the man himself. What started as an expose on the Hollywood movie mogul has ballooned into a tidal …

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A family affair

Anna Turley MP  |  30 October 2017

James Graham’s Labour of Love showcases our party’s greatest asset – its people, writes Anna Turley Having heard great things about the play This House, that I had never got the chance to see, I was determined not to miss James Graham’s latest political play Labour of Love – and rushed to get tickets on its …

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Cultivating the courage to listen

LabourToo  |  27 October 2017

A third party reporting system, plus support for victims of sexual harassment, is long over due in Labour One of the world’s experts in traumatic stress, Bessel Van der Kolk, says in his incredible book, The Body Keeps the Score, that in order to understand trauma we have to overcome our natural reluctance to confront …

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Step back from the Brexit abyss

Seb Dance MEP  |  26 October 2017

The economic wasteland of a no-deal Brexit awaits us should the government continue to refuse to engage with our European partners on good terms, writes Seb Dance MEP The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development issued a report last week which said that the United Kingdom economy would receive a significant boost if the Brexit process was reversed. …

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No more policing on the cheap

Catherine West  |  25 October 2017

Despite facing ever-more cuts, the Metropolitan Police has done an admirable job keeping Londonders safe. Now the government must give it the resources they need, argues Catherine West MP It has been an intensely difficult year to keep Londoners safe. Against the backdrop of rising reported crime, terror attacks and tragedies such as Grenfell, the Metropolitan Police’s …

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Turning the green belt red

Mark Walker  |  25 October 2017

With the right combination of training and resources, Labour could be well on its way to winning once true blue seats in the home counties, writes Mark Walker Ian Warren’s continued excellent work in highlighting election results and trends recently highlighted the swing to Labour across the home counties. In an article in the Guardian he …

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Social security in disrepair

Sheila Gilmore  |  24 October 2017

Labour will have to do more than just win the ‘moral argument’ on universal credit if it is to protect the most vulnerable in society, writes Sheila Gilmore In all the current media coverage of universal credit there is a danger that we lose sight of the fact that it is only (as yet) a …

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How Jacinda did it

James Patterson  |  24 October 2017

The Labour leader’s ‘relentless positivity’ enabled reach across political divides and inspired people to vote for her party for the first time, argues James Patterson ‘Let’s do this’ was the battle cry of Jacinda Ardern’s election campaign. To me, it had echoes of Barack Obama’s ‘the fierce urgency of now’ in 2008. Adern’s sudden accession to …

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Restoring black history to its place

Dawn Butler MP  |  23 October 2017

Black History Month provides us with the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the black community in the UK. Hopefully one day we will celebrate them all year round, writes Dawn Butler MP This month is the 30th anniversary of Black History Month in the United Kingdom. October is traditionally used to celebrate the remarkable …

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