December, 2017

Holding back peace

Richard Angell  |  13 December 2017

Boycotts are to the left what Trump’s unilateral support for Jerusalem as the capital is to the right, argues Richard Angell Peace in the Middle East – or the lack of it – has been thrown to the front of people’s minds as the United States’ president’s determination to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of …

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My Life, Our Times

Spencer Livermore  |  13 December 2017

Gordon Brown is likely to be remembered as Labour’s greatest chancellor. Will his reputation as prime minister improve with time too? Spencer Livermore thinks so Gordon Brown’s memoir has so far largely been viewed through the prism of his relationship with Tony Blair. Although Brown provides his own account of all that for the first …

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More than just pay

Robbie Young  |  12 December 2017

Astronomic vice-chancellor pay is indicative of wider inequality – but we cannot let it dominate and distract us from other issues in higher education, argues the NUS’s Robbie Young Many people have been, quite rightly, outraged by the current news headlines around vice-chancellor pay at both Bath and Bath Spa universities, but for those of …

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Representative communities

Gordon Matheson and Joanne Harding  |  12 December 2017

Is it time for English local government to be elected by single transferable vote? Gordon Matheson and Joanne Harding debate

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A matter of deep shame

Jennifer Gerber  |  12 December 2017

I remember when Labour was part of the solution, not the problem, to tackling antisemitism, writes Jennifer Gerber When I was growing up 20 years ago, antisemitism in Britain was rarely a topic of conversation among my family, friends and school mates. When we spoke of it, it was about the past; the lingering threat, such as it …

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Crowdsourcing cities

Richard Angell  |  11 December 2017

Devolution and leadership could be the key to Britain’s digital future – Richard Angell visits Andy Burnham’s digital summit in Manchester Last week, Andy Burnham opened his second ‘digital summit’ since being elected Greater Manchester mayor in May with a bold vision to make Manchester the United Kingdom’s ‘leading digital city, and top five in …

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Neglect at the heart of Beveridge

Editorial  |  11 December 2017

The one ‘missing giant’ from the founding text of the welfare state was how we deal with care in our society, argues our editorial Tackling inequality is at the very heart of the centre-left and Labour project. It is what has driven our movement since its foundation. Every Labour government has taken on the vested interests and put …

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A fundamental rethink needed

Matt Dykes  |  11 December 2017

New funding, reformed commissioning and a proper industrial policy are the basic requirements of a resilient social care system, argues Matt Dykes Social care matters. It is an essential service that all of us stand a high chance of requiring one day for ourselves or our loved ones. And it matters as a key component of our …

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Last Word: The easy bit done

Robert Philpot  |  8 December 2017

This morning’s deal only goes to show that everything about the relatively simple bit of the wrong-minded Brexit negotiations has so far been handled badly by the government, writes Robert Philpot Perhaps the key words uttered about this morning’s deal between Britain and the European Union were spoken by Donald Tusk. ‘So much time has …

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Failing to act, again and again

Adrian McMenamin  |  8 December 2017

Failure of those at the top to properly deal with antisemitism on the left for fear of what others may think sends a very clear message to the bigots, writes Adrian McMenamin This week a member of my branch resigned her membership at least in part because of what she saw as antisemitism in Labour. The …

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