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NEC and NPF elections: Who Progress is backing


Ballots open on Thursday 26th July for Labour’s National Executive Committee election.

This is a crucial election. Tory chaos is propelling Britain towards the precipice of a no-deal Brexit, while Labour spends time alienating Jewish members by watering down its definition of antisemitism.

We are therefore backing nine candidates who are willing to face up to the big questions of our generation. They are calling for Labour members to have a say on Brexit at party conference this year, and they support the full IHRA definition of antisemitism.

This diverse team of candidates represents every corner of the country, and they are standing on a platform for each nation and region to have a designated representative on Labour’s NEC. They are all passionate Labour progressives who have decades of experience in campaigning for social equality, for the rights of minorities, and for a better, more prosperous country. Please give them your support.


Luke Akehurst
Secretary of Labour First, former NEC member, councillor and parliamentary candidate.

Lisa Banes
Sheffield councillor and equalities activist.

Johanna Baxter
Scottish Executive committee member, union official and former member of the NEC.

Jasmin Beckett
NEC youth representative 2016-18, Community Union and CWU activist.

Eda Cazimoglu
Labour Students NPF representative and secretary of UEA Labour club.

Gurinder Singh Josan
Vice chair of Sikhs for Labour, Unite branch secretary and director and trustee of Hope not Hate.

Marianna Masters
Streatham CLP Vice Chair and Lambeth Labour councillor.

Heather Peto
LGBT Labour trans officer and former parliamentary candidate.

Mary Wimbury
Former parliamentary and assembly candidate, and Wales Co-op Party treasurer.

🗳 And also support these NPF candidates 🗳

East Midlands 
Rufia Ashraf
Natalie Fleet
Tony Tinley
Betty Newton
Tomasina Wallman (Youth)

Rachel Burgin
John Lehal

Unmesh Desai
Sucharita Sethi
John Howard
Nicky Gavron
Rebecca Filer (Youth)

Lewis Atkinson
Gillian Troughton
Nigel Cooke
Joyce McCarthy
Jack Cunningham (Youth)

North West
Jo Harding
Lucy Atkinson
Zahid Chauhan
Sarah Jayne-Smyth (Youth)

Suzan King
Adam Wilson
Kate Vallis
Katrina Murray
Moh Hirani (Youth)

South East
Jonathon Hawkes
Fiona Dent
Sharon Mintoff
Tom Hayes

South West
Brenda Weston

Shelley Streeter
Rachael Garrick
Martha O’Neil (Youth)

West Midlands
Jeevan Jones
Emily Horsfall
Trudie McGuiness
Jackie Taylor
Kirsten Kurt-Elli (Youth)

Lisa Banes
Ann Cryer
Ellie James (Youth)

Jos Gallagher

Councillors’ Reps
Angela Cornforth
Georgia Gould
Sue Jeffrey
Tim Swift

Progressive centre-ground Labour politics does not come for free.

It takes time, commitment and money to build a fight against the forces of conservatism. If you value the work Progress does, please support us by becoming a member, subscriber or donating.

Our work depends on you.

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