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Something you might have missed

Away from the furore over the Observer’s front page, there was an interesting story out yesterday that was a little overlooked.


The Independent reported the policy change from Labour conference that everyone seemed to miss while their attention was on the People’s Vote: the strengthening of our position on the single market. Having gone into the 2017 election with a policy to leave the single market and a pledge to end freedom of movement, our policy is now to support ‘full participation in the single market’.


The conference motion also condemns the Brexit deal being pursued by Theresa May as a ‘a threat to jobs, freedom of movement, peace in Northern Ireland and the NHS’. It is difficult to read that in a way that suggests we still want to end free movement – which was the biggest block to backing single market membership.


A spokesperson for Labour apparently rejected the idea that represents a shift in policy. The leadership cannot be allowed to wildly misinterpret what is completely plain and hope no one notices. We need to keep up the pressure.


On 20 October, there is a march for a People’s Vote in London. Let LabourSay know that you will join the Labour bloc to show the level of support in the party, and donate to the LabourSay.EU campaign so we can keep the party leadership to the policy set out by members.


– Conor Pope, deputy editor



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Conor Pope

is online features editor at Four Four Two Magazine

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