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Austerity: Is it over?

Today’s PMQs was a lesson for the Tories on what to expect from a snap election. It is clear that voters heard exactly one thing from Theresa May’s conference speech: ‘austerity is ending’.

It is the one thing Jeremy Corbyn clearly heard too, and his line of attack in the chamber today would be exactly what Labour would follow in an election next year. Is austerity over for mental health services? Is it over for education? Is it over for councils? We may find that the Conservatives have a very different idea of what austerity being over looks like to the vast majority of the country. With almost nine years of following austerity as a flagship policy, national debt is not dropping: the government cannot claim either that it is ‘mission accomplished’, nor that things will get better.

Add this to the list of reasons Tory backbenchers won’t want to risk an election next year in the eventuality of a Brexit deadlock. With the Fixed-term Parliament Act meaning that calling an election requires two-thirds of parliament, the possibility of going up against May at the ballot box next year seems to be a pipedream.

What does this mean for Labour’s Brexit policy, which prioritises pushing for a general election over a People’s Vote? It certainly does not negate the former element of it, but it does mean that preparations should be put in for what happens when – as seems likely – no election is forthcoming. The leadership still appears reticent to back a final say for the public on the Brexit deal. Members must make the most of current policy to put the pressure on.

What you can do: sign up to join the Labour bloc on the march for a People’s Vote on 20 October.

– Conor Pope, deputy editor

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Help reform abortion law

Here at Progress we believe in a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body: you can listen to our podcast on the subject here. We don’t think that’s controversial – but some people do.

Recently we learned about the case of Emma: she’s 18 years old, 28 weeks pregnant and her baby has been diagnosed with a fatal condition called anencephaly. Current legislation means that the only way Emma can terminate her pregnancy is by travelling to England. Because she wants to stay in Northern Ireland to be surrounded by loved ones, she is being forced to deliver a baby girl she knows will die at birth.

In the words of Progress chair Alison McGovern: ‘That my friends, is a f*cking disgrace.’

But we’re not powerless. Click here to tell your MP that you expect them to vote for the October 23 bill that will put this law in the dustbin of history.

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Conor Pope

is online features editor at Four Four Two Magazine

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