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Director’s Cut – 12/10/18

In the Progress office this week we have been gearing up for the People’s Vote march on 20 October, which is just a week away.


In June, thousands took to the streets to demand a public say on the final Brexit deal. Since then, the campaign to give people control of Brexit has strengthened while the possibility of leaving with a deal has diminished. So next Saturday’s march could be even bigger than the last one.


We want to make sure that Labour’s presence on the march is felt: the combined success of the Labour for the Single Market and LabourSay.EUcampaigns – both of which Progress has played a leading role in – means that Labour now has a pro-single market policy with the door open to a People’s Vote.


So if you can make it along next weekend, let us know you want to join the Labour bloc – and if you cannot make it, please consider donating £10 to LabourSay.EU, so that we can give away as many of our distinctive ‘I want a say on Brexit’ Labour placards as possible.

Here is my pick of the week from Progress Online:

Syria's civil war has destroyed many historical sites in the region

Syria: Israel and Iran’s new war?
There is a real possibility that we are on the verge of a big conflict between Israel and Iran. The international community must recognise this now and do more to ease tensions. If they do not, we could be sleepwalking into another regional crisis, writes Jack Clayton

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Germany's centre is struggling under pressure from the AfD – their leader pictured here giving a speech

The centre cannot hold
With the Bavarian state elections fast approaching – there is bad news for progressives. The collapse of Germany’s centre-ground and the rise of the far-right looks set to continue, warns Penny Bochum

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The Progressive Britain Podcast on Conservative party conference

53. Universal basic income: could it work? With Anthony Painter

Is universal basic income just a pipe-dream or is it necessary for a new age of automation? Conor PopeRichard Angell and Henna Shah sit down with Anthony Painter from the RSA to dispel some of the myths – and discuss the potential opportunities – of UBI.

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Germany's SPD leader

Germany’s game changer
With state elections approaching this Sunday, progressives look to Germany’s social democrats for hope of a left-wing revival, write Metin Hakverdi andSimon Vaut

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Spain's new progressive leader Pedro Sanchez on the campaign trail

Pragmatic and progressive: Spain’s new leader
After years of conservative rule, Pedro Sánchez and his socialist party are finally rebuilding Spain’s ‘moral authority’, writes Callum Tipple

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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