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The time for punditry is over

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Punditry – it’s everywhere. Panels of journalists speculating on which minister will walk next, who will replace them, or whether Theresa May will survive to see the end of the week. Am I the only one who has seen a few too many journalists predict that Theresa May is about to fall, only to be disappointed? One refreshingly honest report from a BBC journalist this week captured it perfectly – no one really knows what is going to happen next.

But even when you ask people on the street (or God forbid on Twitter) what they think of Brexit, they’ll often tell you what they think might happen, rather than whether they think our leaders are doing the right thing for the country. We live in a world where everyone is a pundit, but democracy is not a spectator sport.

I’m going to come clean: I have no idea what will happen next. Some people have said that a People’s Vote will only divide us further, but if your argument is that plunging us into an economic recession, or appeasing the right, will unite us – history isn’t on your side.

In times like this the only thing we can do is make clear who we are. All of you reading this email are – like myself – open to the world, frustrated with the status quo and believe that we achieve more together than we achieve alone.

Coming out publicly and demanding that the Labour party’s policy on a People’s Vote should reflect this is our democratic duty.

The time for punditry is over. The question isn’t what will happen next?

The question is: what do we do now?

-Stefan Rollnick, editorial assistant

Do something

It might feel like we have no control over this chaos, but thanks to your activism and dedication – a People’s Vote is now within our grasp.

You can make it happen by donating to LabourSay, so we can make sure our Labour government-in-waiting puts it on the ballot.

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Stefan Rollnick

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