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This isn’t what anyone voted for

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This morning, the prime minister claimed in the House of Commons that a ‘Brexit in the national interest is possible.’ Yet, with eight ministerial resignations as of three pm, it seems Theresa May had spoken too soon.

What will happen next is anyone’s guess, but one thing is certain – we are far from the end of the Brexit mayhem. As Roger Liddle outlined back on the third episode of the Progressive Britain podcast last October, a ‘Brexit deal’ is, in fact, three deals – one to withdraw from the European Union, one to transition, and one to govern our future relationship with the bloc.

So far we have: a withdrawal agreement that cannot unite the government, let alone Parliament, a transitional backstop that allows for a difference in arrangements for Ireland (a red line for the Democratic Unionist party), and no progress on our future relationship. In short, it is a Brexit battlefield littered with the corpses of Tory political careers and absolutely nothing of note to show for it.

Meanwhile, as the Westminster infighting continues, the real issues facing the country are being ignored. The stasis is real. It is telling, for example, that Esther McVey survived the shambolic implementation of universal credit to resign today over the withdrawal agreement. And, as we have been watching the Brexit drama unfold, the disgraced Lord Lester has been saved from suspension from the House of Lords for sexual harassment by his peers.

The longer we let this continue, the longer we let progressive values fall by the wayside and the more democracy in this country continues to fail the people it should serve.

This isn’t what anyone voted for.

-Henna Shah, academy coordinator

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This isn’t what anyone voted for

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Henna Shah

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