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Trust a Tory Brexiteer?

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Are the 48 letters in yet? Despite Steve Baker, shop warden of the Tory Brexiteers, talking up the number of Conservative MPs who want rid of Theresa May, they have not reached the threshold yet.

This raises two deficiencies among the Tory ‘Leavers’ that they probably did not want to publicise.

The first revolves around the question of why Baker believed that the 48 letters needed had already been submitted. Surely the former chair of the Conservative Leave campaign isn’t discovering that Brexiters don’t keep their promises?

The other is expectation management. If I was hardline rightwing Eurosceptic hoping to take control of the government, I would probably not be resting my reputation right now on optimistic predictions that could easily go wrong.

The idea that we are just a few days away from these eejits running the country does not inspire confidence. What we need now is progressive leadership: that is why if you are a Progress member, you should check your emails for the Progress strategy board elections 2018 – you have just a couple of days left to vote.

-Conor Pope, deputy editor

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Conor Pope

is online features editor at Four Four Two Magazine

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