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Irrevocable? Well…

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Is article 50 revocable? I discussed that with Roger Liddle way back in episode three of the Progressive Britain podcast, just after the deadline for concluding the first phase of Brexit negotiations was missed.

It is now over a year later and the question is even more relevant. With no parliamentary majority for Theresa May’s deal, but a parliamentary to stop a no-deal Brexit, the whole process is in stasis: that means it really does matter whether article 50 can be postponed or overturned. Not least in the case of a People’s Vote.

The Tory government knows this. That is why Theresa May has been attempting to stop a European court hearing from examining whether the process can be reversed. But there was more bad news for her today: the British supreme court has dismissed this attempt.

So what happens with Brexit now? And, now the dust has settled, what is really in the draft withdrawal agreement? We discussed that on the new podcast episode, out today.

-Conor Pope, deputy editor

The Progressive Britain Podcast

A prime minister on the brink, a cabinet in revolt, a Brexit deal in tatters, and no clear plan to guide us out of this mess.

Conor PopeAlison McGovern and Stephanie Lloyd discuss how the Conservatives have made a mess of their own internal division, and what the withdrawal agreement would really mean for Britain.

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Conor Pope

is online features editor at Four Four Two Magazine

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