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10 years and a new chapter

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After four years as director of Progress, and nearly 10 years’ service in three different roles, it is time to move on. I have some travel planned and wish to start the new year facing a new challenge.

Progress has been through an extraordinary decade. In particular the last three years have been a political tsunami and time of organisational upheaval. I am very proud to be leaving the organisation on a sound financial footing and that the chapter beyond Lord Sainsbury’s generous funding has started so successfully. Long may it continue.

I have been proud to champion our politics during this time and work with former leaders, brilliant MPs past and present, future leaders of our movement and individuals who have been generous with their time, money, advice and resources. I am particularly proud Progress played such a vital role on changing conference policy on Brexit to support a People’s Vote this autumn. At all times, I have been supported by dedicated staff who believe in a social democratic Labour party but rarely get the credit for all their hard work, thankless hours and ability to stay poised when much abuse is directed at Progress generally and them individually. I thank each and every one.

The next decade is going to be challenging for social democrats in the Labour party. However, the future can be ours if we renew our ideas, bring on new talent, master the technology that gets our message across, stop the deselection of our MPs, and keep Britain close to Europe. It can be done. But it is for someone else to take the Progress wing of Labour membership through the next stage. I wish them every luck and will be backing them every step of the way.

– Richard Angell, director of Progress 2014-2018

Richard has led Progress through very challenging times over the past four years. We are grateful for his hard work and dedication to the progressive politics which Progress has always espoused. Richard played a vital role in securing Progress’ long-term viability with the change in funding models which the organisation underwent last year and more recently was key to Labour’s change in Brexit policy. We thank him for his commitment to Progress over the past decade and wish him all the best for the future.

– Directors of Progress

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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