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The meeting to determine Theresa May’s future is underway. But this meeting will not solve the fundamental deadlock at the heart of Brexit, nor its democratic deficit – and it will not leave us much time to solve either of them.

That is why, as I have argued today, we should be prepared to force a vote of no confidence in the government whatever happens tonight. It may be the best chance we have of forcing an election, failure does not mean we would not get another chance, and it is our best opportunity of opening the door to a public vote.

For updates on how this will affect Brexit over the coming days, with short analysis from MPs on what is going on in parliament, LabourSay has set up a WhatsApp service – you can sign up here. You might also want to check out the campaigns latest video on what is happening today.

-Conor Pope, deputy editor


Today on Progress

Why now could still be the right time to force a no confidence vote

Labour’s leadership is hesitant to call a parliamentary vote of no confidence in the government since Theresa May pulled her big Brexit vote. But now might actually be the perfect time to do so, argues Conor Pope

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The Progressive Britain Podcast

So that’s it. Theresa May realised she was about to lose the meaningful vote, and she’s responded by trying to take her ball home. Steph and Alison catch up about what’s going to happen next – could Boris Johnson’s haircut hold the answer? (Answer: maybe.)

Also on the pod, Alison chats to Rachel Reeves MP – chair of the business select committee – about the economic outlook for the UK in the wake of Brexit.

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Conor Pope

is online features editor at Four Four Two Magazine

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