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TIME FOR ACTION: Labour should lead the campaign for Europe

Progress is calling on Labour to back a public vote on Brexit and commit to leading the pro-EU campaign. Help the campaign by writing to your Labour MP and tell them you want a progressive, pro-European party

This is a historic defeat for the government – one of the largest ever suffered by a governing party in parliament. It is an embarrassment for the Conservatives.

The level of opposition to Theresa May’s Brexit withdrawal agreement is extraordinary. It is not just the Tory government’s flagship policy; it is its entire reason for existing, and almost its sole focus over the past two years. And it is dead.

What we face now is even worse. The prospect of crashing out without a deal is the default, and it is a mere two months away.

There is little left in the way of options to avoid this.

Realistically, in fact, we think there is only one. Progress is backing LabourSay.EU’s new campaign calling on Labour not only to back a public vote on Brexit, but to commit to leading the campaign to stay in the EU.

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This does not preclude support for a general election, as set out by members at Labour conference last year. If we are successful is forcing an election, a pledge to carrying out a referendum and campaigning to remain should be included in the manifesto.

If the Tories block an election, we should push ahead with our calls to carry out a public vote and stop Brexit.

Time has run out on Brexit. While the Tories are blinded by trying to carry it out, our country becomes more divided and poverty continues to skyrocket. Leaving the EU will not solve these problems, and will hinder our ability to tackle them properly.

Let us be honest. The Brexit project is a shambles. We want to stay in the EU.

✍️LABOURSAY: Write to your MP and call for Labour to lead a pro-EU campaign✍️

Write to your Labour MP using the LabourSay tool above. If you do not have a Labour MP, let Jeremy Corbyn know that you want Labour to represent our internationalist values. Just fill out your postcode and press send.

We do not have any time to lose.


Stephanie Lloyd is deputy director of Progress. She tweets at @stephanielloyd1.

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Stephanie Lloyd

is deputy director of Progress and national treasurer of LGBT Labour

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