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How we keep the pro-Europe campaign going

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There has been a lot of excitement about Labour’s parliamentary amendment on a public vote on Brexit. But this move seems more an effort placate pro-European campaigners rather than an actual effort to secure a referendum. No groundwork has been laid by the leadership to win cross-party support, or even within Labour.

When it does not pass, then, we should not simply accept that this is the end of the road.

While there is still room in the Brexit debate for advocacy of a public vote, there is also room for improvement within the campaign, as Labour MP Jess Phillips argues on the podcast today – saying that too often pro-European campaigners can be easily characterised as ‘a bit posh and a bit London’.

She is not wrong that this is how many see pro-EU campaigners. We know that that is not the whole truth, though. Through the LabourSay.EU tool for members to write to Labour MPs asking them to back a public vote and a campaign to stay in Europe, we know that hundreds of people across the country have taken part, including many ‘Leave’ regions. Just because you live in an area that voted to leave does not mean you now have to think that is the best for Britain – nor does it make you any less Labour.

If you have not yet written to your MP, help us keep up the pressure, and make sure the campaign does not end next week.

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– Conor Pope, deputy editor

The Progressive Britain Podcast

What does Keir Starmer’s speech mean for Labour’s Brexit position? Does Theresa May secretly want no deal to be blocked? And what will parliament do for the next week before the big Brexit vote? Conor, Alison and Steph discuss, while Jess Phillips explains why the Brexit conversation needs to be taken out of Westminster.

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Conor Pope

is online features editor at Four Four Two Magazine

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