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We are establishing the Progress Academy to provide support and training to Labour party progressives at all levels, and to support our young members to become the leaders of the future.

We have a history of championing local leaders and helping to create successful campaigns. We recently received this message from a local campaigner:

I attended the talk you gave to conference for members interested in becoming MPs. You gave some detailed advice on campaigning. I was an agent for a recent by-election and followed your advice to the letter. We were predicted not to win the seat but we did, despite bitterly cold weather on polling day – and pushing the Tories into third place behind the Lib Dems. So thank you very much!


We are currently fundraising a total of £35,000 to make sure that members all over the country – not just in London – will be able to access similar support.

If every member gave £10, we would raise this immediately!

Can you help by giving us £25 and becoming a founding funder of the Progress Academy?

If you are already a Progress member, please fill out the contact form below. Your donation will be a yearly one-off payment. Your first donation will be taken out of your account next month, and in February every year thereafter.

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