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No more Calpol politics: how Labour wins a majority in 2015

Aled Jones  |  15 March 2014

We are good at opposition. Be it the bedroom tax or the sell-off of our forests, rarely have we missed a Tory own goal, and the united, assured outrage that our party does so well has put paid to many of the Conservatives’ more radical proposals. This confidence has allowed us to stand up as …

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Fighting for farming’s future

Aled Jones  |  25 May 2012

With bodge-it budgets, double dips, pasty taxes, missed deadlines and fruit ninja obsessives in charge, it seems that all we hear about is depressing news about a government that isn’t delivering for Britain. So let’s talk about something that is delivering for Britain. Let’s talk agriculture. In 2011, farming added £8.84bn to the UK economy …

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