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is a member of Manchester city council and co-director of the Social Action and Research Foundation

Hopes in ruins

Amina Lone  |  3 October 2017

Priti Patel’s cynical campaign might have changed the Brexit result but its promise cannot be forgotten The tangled web of Britain’s exit from the European Union is no closer to being unravelled. At its heart lies the omnipresent issue of immigration. However one cuts it, the issue of ‘who, what, where and how’ relating to the movement of people is the …

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Culture does not stand still

Amina Lone  |  14 December 2016

Witnessing the predictable hysteria surrounding the Casey review has been a curious activity. I expected the report to be called Islamaphobic but to label it as racist surprised even me. Banal accusations of racism and discrimination weaken real acts of hate and xenophobia. Some of the detractors have clearly not read the 199 page report; …

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No more acquiescence to bigotry

Amina Lone  |  29 November 2016

Those outside Muslim or political circles can be forgiven for knowing very little about Sharia councils in Britain. I mean why would they. Common reactions from ordinary people I speak to include ‘shouldn’t we all just follow British law?’ and ‘ban them’. My answers are yes and surprisingly no, with caveats regarding the latter point. …

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Follow the equality-bricked road

Amina Lone  |  21 December 2015

‘The fact that, in most cases, it remains more difficult for a candidate who does not fit the “white, male, middle-class” norm to be selected, particularly if the seat is considered by their party to be winnable, means that the case for equality of representation has not yet been won.’ One could be forgiven for …

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A family affair

Amina Lone  |  23 January 2013

For today’s PMQs, we returned to the issue of our extended family in Europe dominating the benches. Like Aunt Ethel, we just cannot seem to shake those darn Europeans off. David Cameron’s speech this morning on Europe did promise his British ‘relatives’ the chance of a yes or no referendum on Europe. We just all …

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Silent voices

Amina Lone  |  5 December 2012

In the recent furore surrounding the BBC’s internal failings around coverage of abuse allegations, the original tragedy of the victims of Jimmy Savile has been lost., Unfortunately, this is typical of the way child sexual rape, abuse and exploitation have too often been treated. The tendency to ‘look the other way’ has its own grave …

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How long will it take?

Amina Lone  |  19 April 2012

In six years’ time, it will be the 100th anniversary of women over 30 years of age being granted the right to vote in Britain. It was not until 1928 that all women were granted the right to participate and vote for the men who governed their lives, their communities and their country. Fast forward …

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