Articles by Andrew Adonis
Andrew Adonis is a former secretary of state for transport

Learn from the mistakes of the SDP

Andrew Adonis  |  9 August 2017

Those that talk of setting up a new pro-European party to combat Brexit should reflect on the fate of the Social Democratic party, writes Andrew Adonis In spring 1981 the Labour party appeared to be vanishing over the far left horizon. It was committed to leaving Europe and a hundred-and-one other lunacies. A dangerous Tony …

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Building for the future

Andrew Adonis  |  3 February 2015

Ed Balls’ announcement today, that a Labour government will legislate for an independent National Infrastructure Commission in its first queen’s speech after the election, will find strong support from business leaders, 89 per cent of whom – according to a recent CBI survey – support the policy. The UK has over many decades underinvested in …

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Yes to ‘Devo-Manc’

Andrew Adonis  |  3 November 2014

The coalition has an especially dismal record in the north of England. The number of young people on the dole for more than a year is up 62 per cent across the north of England, compared to a national increase of 25 per cent. Wages for working people in the north have fallen by even …

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Mending the fractured economy

Andrew Adonis  |  1 July 2014

At long last, the economy is growing. But it is not translating into well-paid, or even better paid, jobs nationwide because of deep structural problems in our fractured economy – mass youth unemployment, skills shortages, too few high-growth companies which innovate and export, poor infrastructure, and excessive centralisation on Whitehall. The facts are stark. Nearly …

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Winning the ‘race to the top’

Andrew Adonis  |  8 April 2014

Falling living standards are partly about the price of essentials, like electricity, gas and public transport rising faster than inflation. It is also about wages rising too slowly, and too many people – especially young people – being without decent jobs. There are four big problems we as a country have got to tackle. First, …

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Put passengers first: a new plan for London’s buses

Andrew Adonis  |  11 March 2014

A week’s immersion on London’s buses – 104 routes in five days last month – increased even further my admiration for bus drivers and the success of the Oyster card. But there are big improvements to be made. First, Londoners need flexible bus fares. For many, particularly the low paid and parents dropping off their …

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Apprenticeships at heart of Labour’s growth plan

Andrew Adonis  |  30 January 2014

Despite the UK having near-record levels of youth unemployment, many of our best small businesses are held back by major skills shortages in key growth sectors. Tackling this mismatch, with an expansion of modern apprenticeships, needs to be at the heart of Labour’s growth plan if we are to allow our growth sectors to compete …

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What London needs now

Andrew Adonis  |  25 November 2013

London is a divided city: east and west; rich and poor; home owners and renters. Labour must do something about it. Boris Johnson is a showman. But with London’s population heading towards 10m what it needs is a leader with a plan – for more houses, more jobs and better communities. Priority one is a …

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Full steam ahead

Andrew Adonis  |  27 August 2013

Labour must continue to back High Speed Two. The case for High Speed Two is as strong now as when Labour committed itself to the project in March 2010. The key justification is not speed but capacity. There will be an acute shortage of transport capacity from the 2020s to convey freight, commuters and other …

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Britain does not love coalitions

Andrew Adonis  |  8 May 2013

Andrew Adonis has changed his mind about the virtue of coalitions.  In this exclusive extract from his new book he explains why Few short periods in politics have mattered more in Britain than the ‘five days in May’ which followed the 2010 general election. Secret meetings day and night; helicopters whirring overhead; television cameras swarming …

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