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Anna Turley MP is member of parliament for Redcar and shadow minister for civil society

Putting steel into Britain’s industrial strategy

Anna Turley MP  |  10 February 2017

Building a positive future for the steel industry in Britain will require strategic, supportive action from the government, writes Anna Turley MP Last month the government finally announced some detail on its much vaunted intentions for an industrial strategy. Those of us familiar with the struggles of the steel industry and who have been calling for …

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British steel after Brexit

Anna Turley MP  |  4 November 2016

The referendum result has huge implications for every part of our economy, and businesses from all sectors will be seeking favourable terms in the Brexit negotiations. Last week’s Nissan announcement was fantastic news for the automotive industry but this must not become a game of who can shout the loudest. Our Brexit strategy must benefit …

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Back to college

Anna Turley MP and Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  8 September 2016

Should Labour return to using the three-part electoral college system in its leadership elections?

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British steel needs an industrial strategy

Anna Turley MP  |  15 April 2016

How many steel crises does it take to get this government to realise it needs a proper long-term industrial strategy? That is the question many of us were asking this week as ministers were hauled in front of the House of Commons yet again to explain what support the government are putting in place to …

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Governing from the shadows

Anna Turley MP  |  10 February 2016

In 2010 David Cameron promised to be ‘the most open and transparent government ever’. How quickly times change. An open, transparent and confident government in a modern, progressive democracy would pride itself on its ability to listen and take on board the views of its citizens and the communities it represents. Charities and civil society, …

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Steel industry needs the government to show some mettle

Anna Turley MP  |  21 October 2015

The current crisis in United Kingdom steelmaking has exposed the ‘northern powerhouse’ for what it is truly is – a sham. Behind the government’s claims to be creating a ‘march of the makers’, rebalancing the economy away from financial services towards manufacturing and regional growth, stands a laissez-faire government with no interest in supporting strategic national …

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One Nation recovery across the regions

Anna Turley MP  |  22 September 2013

As we head to the south coast for conference in Brighton, Labour knows that it has to speak for the every part of the nation when it sets out a vision for growth post-2015. The coalition has failed to deliver a balanced and equitable recovery, and parts of London and the south-east are pulling away, …

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Blazing a trail

Anna Turley MP  |  25 January 2012

Referendums this May provide the opportunity to transform England’s biggest cities. Anna Turley on the debate over elected mayors The idea of elected mayors for English cities has been a flame that has spluttered and flickered but never quite ignited. This May could finally be its moment to blaze – renewing civic leadership and pride, …

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Progressive localism

Anna Turley MP  |  27 July 2011

When I launched the new website ProgLoc (Progressive Localism) – the online forum for the left in local government just after the local elections in May – I had hoped that the site would be the flag-bearer for a wave of Labour town hall victories around the country. As it was, success was more solid …

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The future’s bright, the future’s cooperative

Anna Turley MP  |  7 July 2011

Labour is in power locally across the country. Our actions here provide the kernel of a new, cooperative Labour way of governing, writes Anna Turley

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