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Anthony Painter is author of 'Barack Obama: Movement for Change'

Time for a citizen’s income?

Anthony Painter and Karen Buck MP  |  11 February 2016

Anthony Painter and Karen Buck debate the merits of a basic income for all Photo:

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Forward, not sideways

Anthony Painter  |  25 August 2015

‘Fingers crossed’ is no strategy. Labour needs the chutzpah to occupy the centre-ground, writes Anthony Painter In a situation of traumatic change, it is completely understandable that people reach for either a radical break or cling to safety. But neither is right for Labour. The question, as ever, is how Labour values can be applied in …

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Embracing technology is key to social justice

Anthony Painter  |  22 May 2015

Much has been made of the way that new technology creates potential divisions in society. The pace and nature of change could make large sections of the workforce obsolete on the basis of their current skills. From algorithmic robotics to big data analytics, technological change poses challenges to whole sections of the workforce. You would …

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Anthony Painter  |  12 March 2015

The tech revolution has barely begun – and politics is already behind, says Anthony Painter Let’s not beat around the bush: the world is in the foothills of transformational change that we cannot yet quantify or fully understand. What is more, the magnitude of the change will only increase. It is difficult to know what to …

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Brave new world

Anthony Painter  |  25 September 2014

New times demand Labour turns away from the social democratic settlement of the postwar world, says Anthony Painter As the second world war drew to a close, western societies began to face the future once again, freed from a terrifying two decades. Out of war and depression new possibilities emerged. Nuclear power, the very first …

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One nation: Labour’s political renewal

Anthony Painter  |  10 September 2014

Labour’s policy review led by Jon Cruddas became an argument for transformation of the party – and the nation – rather than a simple list of policy ideas. In a newly published e-book, One nation: Labour’s political renewal, Cruddas and Jonathan Rutherford present their core argument for change in 50 or so pages. It is a …

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Ukip’s shadow politics

Anthony Painter  |  5 June 2014

Nigel Farage will lose when mainstream parties level with the public, believes Anthony Painter We face a complex set of national challenges. We have an enormous national debt. We are heading towards a position where we spend more on interest than education. We have an ageing society. That means we need to pay for pensions, …

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Revolt on the Right

Anthony Painter  |  17 April 2014

A whole section of the electorate is going through a ‘conscious uncoupling’ with the political mainstream. That, in essence, is what is behind the rise of the ‘radical right’ across Europe. It says something about the depth of much political commentary that Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin have to spend so much time in Revolt …

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A late triumph for Michael Young?

Anthony Painter  |  12 February 2014

Jon Cruddas establishes a frame for reform of power as a choice between Tony Crosland and Michael Young. Crosland espoused the old centralism with a bit of local agency delivery and consultation. Young called instead for a radical devolution of economic and political power. Crosland won and Labour remains wedded to the Croslandite political economy. …

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The State We Need

Anthony Painter  |  4 October 2013

Some way into Michael Meacher’s manifesto for a ‘renaissance of Britain’ he quotes Winston Churchill on finance. In a historical irony given his record as chancellor, Churchill would rather that finance was the servant of industry than its master. At the end of The State We Need, a similar sentiment lingers – about the state. …

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